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@ Shelton – Var

We started the game VERY SLOWLY! We were 0-10 in the first quarter, which is bad for 2 reasons. One- 10 shots is not good and not making any of those is worse.

BUT the nice thing is that we played hard all night long. Tosha and Brianne sparked our scoring by making 2 quick buckets each, and then the show was on. We didn’t let them score more than 8 in the first 3 quarters. Which means that they never got much of a lead.

The outcome was an 11 point win which will help get better as we get closer to league play!! We have 2 more road games next week and we hope to see you there!

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Shelton – JV

Tonight was another night of great defense. We held Shelton to 4 first quarter shots and NO POINTS again.

It was a great team effort!! We had girls making great plays all over the court at all times. I was fun to watch- until it got out of hand. Winning 43-11 is good, but not always fun to watch. But it gives us a chance to work on the things we need for future games!

We have our rematch with Eatonville coming up soon and our Olympia game coming up, and then we are into league games.

For those of you watching, be prepared for some new things in the very near future, It should be fun!!!

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Shelton Busses

We will be picked up for our game at Shelton at Jefferson.

The JV teams (boys and girls) will be picked up at 12:15 right in front of the gym. See you there!!

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Varsity at Olympia HS 8-10 small gym
JV at Olympia HS main gym 2-4
NO Cteam

All teams at Olympia 2-4 both gyms.

Questions please call!

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Game times for Shelton

The boys and girls games have all been moved to Shelton for Tuesday, so there are changes in the times.

The game times are as follows

2:00 JV boys
4:00 JV Girls
6:00 Var Boys
8:00 Var Girls

There will be a bus for the 2 JV teams and another bus for the 2 Varsity games Times and places to come!

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We will not be having practice on Saturday at Capital.  We do not know where practice will be, but we will have practice!!  Stay tuned for updates!!

I am out of town and will have limited internet access so if I don’t have an update please contact your coach for more information!

We will text or post as soon as we know what the plan is for Saturday.

Stay safe and we will see you on Saturday.

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Monday Practice – UPDATE

At the request of the district we are going to have to move our Monday and Tuesday practices. They do not want us going in the mornings.

Monday practice will be from 2:00 -4:30

For Tuesday we are going to wait and see what the weather does. We would like to keep it the same so that people can can get out of town if they need to.

More information to come!

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School is cancelled and so is practice. The district has also decided that we can not have practice on Saturday.

Be early and ready to work hard!!

If you get a chance to shoot please do and also if you have an exercise bike or treadmill, it would be very important to get that done if you can!

Check back for more information

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So school is cancelled again on Thursday. So that we can be more ready to play on Friday if we get to, please try the following things!!

1. If you have a basketball (or any ball) you can lay on your back and practice form shooting straight up in the air and catching the ball and shooting again. Make sure you get good back spin on the ball!

2. If you have a tennis ball or Racket ball you can squeeze the ball with both hands to work on grip strength. Which will happen with both passing and catching the ball!!

I hope you have a good day off or 2. See you soon.

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Due to school being cancelled – so is practice, We will be in touch to let you know what it up next. Hopefully something before our game on Friday!!

Enjoy the snow – BUT DON’T GET HURT!!!!!

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