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JV – Individual camp Information -UPDATES!!!!

I would like everyone to meet at Capital Parking lot in front of the Gym at about 10:45 on Sunday.  I would like to leave at 11:00

Things to Remeber:

You will need to bring or buy lunch on the way up on Sunday – You will NOT get fed at Western until about 8:00 pm.  (we will stop in Marysville to eat)

There is a “snack shack” open in the dorms that you can buy goodies from during the week.

You will need to by lunch on the way home on Thursday – the only meal provided on Thursday at the college is breakfast.

Drivers: (for Sunday)

I am driving my truck and anyone can put their bags in there if you want.

Kili’s Dad is driving and has room for 1 or 2 more

Drew’s Dad is taking a van up.

Fentons and Janis’s can drive up.

Drivers: (for Thursday)

Still a little open here – Elana is getting a ride home with her sister
I think There was someone else who had Thursday open.

Let me know so we can be covered!!

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JV – Individual camp Information

Here are the names of the girls that I have that are going with me on Sun. July 11th:

Britni Wilson — Drew Rothengas — Spencer Pettit —  Shelby Ross

Sloan Jackowich — Elana Utpadel  — Kellie Janis — Kili Ling — Rachel Fenton

Hopefully I am not missing anyone this time!!  If I am please let me know!!

We will be leaving before 11:00 on Sunday Morning

Packing list:

Sleeping bag




LOTS of socks and underwear!!!


Basketball shoes -


Running shoes – there are activities outside that will require you to run – have more than flip flops for outside shoes


ALL reversibles that you have! The red and white you have for summerball and if you have gone WWU before bring your blue ones from then.


Basketball shorts


Towels and all toiletries

and I almost forgot  DEODORANT!!

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Varsity Team camp!

If you are going to WWU with coach Wells the week of the 18th please download and read this letter.

Varsity Team Camp Letter

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Summer Schedule

Summer Workout Schedule
Starting Monday July 5, work out Monday through Thursday as follows:
10:00–Meet by the bus shed for a 20-30 minute cardio/running workout with the cross country team.
10:30–Go into the gym to shoot / Ball Handle
11:10–Go into the weight room to lift. (Look for a workout posted on the wall.)
Expect a circuit on Monday and Wednesday, and supersets on Tuesday and Thursday. You will need a partner.

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