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Tumwater Game rescheduled

The game at Tumwater has been rescheduled for Monday, Dec. 6. The JV and C team games will start at 5:45, and the varsity game will start at 7:30.

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Friday – Extra session

We are going to have an optional session on Friday starting at 1:00. I will be there to open things up around 12:45.

The focus will be shooting, Ball handling, position drills. If we have enough people we may play some 3 on 2 continuous!

Hopefully I will see some of you there.

Coach Wright

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Right now we have practice scheduled from 2-4 on Friday. We are trying to get some extra Gym time for Friday morning for an OPTIONAL practice to work on Shooting and passing for about 1.5 hours. When the boys team decides what they are going to do I will post something on here, probably Thursday night, if there is an open time.

On Saturday the JV/C teams are practicing from 12-2 (Varsity Check with Coach Wells)

SUNDAY – yes I said Sunday
This will be the one and only time we will practice on a Sunday – The ONLY reason we are practicing is that there is a STATE requirement that we have 10 practices before anyone can play in a game. Because of the weather the WIAA and our School Board have allowed a one time exception to practice on a Sunday. We are going to practice from 5-6:30 on Sunday – anyone who has missed a practice NEEDS this practice or they will not be eligible to play in our game on Monday. We had some flex until the practice on Tuesday was canceled. We understand that some families will not like this option, it will be up to you, as a family, how you want to handle it. We hope to see as many people as possible there.

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Wednesday – UPDATED

There is girls practice is from 2-4:30 be there early if possible we have a lot to cover today and need every Minute we can get!!!!!

AGAIN – If you can’t get in Safely don’t come. but the main roads are all clear at this point in time.

We are talking about changing both Friday and Saturday Practices to extend times to give us more time to work.

Enjoy your thanksgiving and hopefully we will get to see your bright shining faces soon – May the force be with you ;)

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Tuesday practice – updated – AGAIN

Ignore everything I have said before – the District has decided that we are NOT going to be allowed to have practice today.

We will possibly have 2 practices on Friday or Saturday. To make up for it if the WIAA will allow it.
Hopefully we will see everyone on Wednesday at school.

Also, I do not have numbers from Rachel M., Alex, Hanna, Cindy, Talia, (drawing a blank who else was gone yesterday) but if you have any of those numbers please let them know

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Yes we do – just like they said on the announcements at the end of the day soooo “be there or be square” Name that TV reference for Brownie points :)

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So hopefully we will be getting more visits from our new athletes and parents. This is where we will be putting 99.9% of all our communications

1. Practice cancellations
2. Practice Changes
3. Bus times
4. Game updates/highlights
5. Other fun stuff as needed!!!

Please check back here early and often to get the information you need for the season!!!!

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2010-11 Schedules


Practice Schedules:


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