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Next week updates

Monday – Practice 2-4
Tuesday – Clinic from 10-12 bus for Chehalis leaves at 3:45
Wednesday – Practice 8-10 Clinic from 10-12
Thursday – Same as Wednesday

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January practice schedules

sorry for such a delay but here they are!!


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Black Hills and North Thurston

For those of you who made it to the games you saw some great things going on!! You can clearly see the girls getting better and becoming the teams that they are.

Now that we get a little bit of a break I hope you all enjoy your time off. Just don’t eat too much ;)

See you all next week as we head to Chehalis and face the Bearcats on their turf!!

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Auburn Mountainview

While the Cteam continues to roll out the wins, the JV and the Varsity weren’t so lucky tonight. It was a tough night in Auburn.

The JV is getting better as a team each game. The varsity is getting better each night as well. I can’t wait to see where we are going to be in 3 weeks time with the continued improvement.

Next – we have Black Hills on Monday at home!!!

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AMW – Game change

Because of the numerous conflicts with the concerts on Thursday. Auburn Mountainveiw has agreed to move the game.

We will be playing up there on Saturday at 3:00 – C and JV
5:00 Varsity

The bus will leave at 1:00 See you there!!

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Black Hills updates

So for the many of you who were at Black Hills – you got to see some very great basketball!!!

The Varsity and the C-team both won great games – the C-team almost got to the mercy rule that is now in place in HS basketball.

In the Varsity game you got to see a GREAT TEAM effort. With early foul trouble you got to see how the members of a TEAM step up and support each other on the court. I know Coach Wells is proud of the efforts – I was truly impressed.

Other odds and ends:

Thank you for your generosity – we have the sweats covered as far as I know now.

Thursday game against Auburn Mountainview has a high likelyhood of being moved – probably to Saturday. We will let you know as soon as possible

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OKAY finally!!!

I am getting back into the flow of the website!!!!

Sorry it has taken so long for me to get up to date. We have a number of things to cover so bare with me.


this group is now 4-0!!!!!! They are playing great and improving each day with new players stepping up each game to make it even harder for teams to adjust!!!

JV -
We are 1-3 right now but we are getting better and learning how to adjust to new positions and playing together for the first time. Watch our Posts they are coming quite adept at getting position and really dominating the scoring so far

Varsity -
Now 2-2 after a GREAT game from a Number of ladies to come from 12 down in the 3rd quarter to win buy 5 in OT!!!!! and that was over our cross town rivals!!!
That was a GREAT game ladies.

We are playing in a weird order because both guys and girls teams are playing at BH. The JV will play at 4, followed by The Varsity girls in the big gym. The Cteam girls will play in the small gym while the boys are playing in the big gym (approx 7:30)

We have 4 young ladies who would really like to get a team sweatshirt but financially really can’t afford it right now. We already have a donation to cover one of them. We are wondering if there are other families who might be able to help us provide for the other 3 girls. Please contact coach Wright or Wells if you are able to help with this. Thank you so much!!!!

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