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Gym/Weight room

August 1, 3, 5: Gym/weight room open at Marshall at 8 am.

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24,000 Shot Challenge

The coaches are challenging the players to attempt 24,000 shots between now and the first day of practice. If you attempt 250 shots six days a week for the next sixteen weeks, you will take 24,000 shots. If you attempt 300 shots six days a week for the next sixteen weeks, you will have take 28,800 shots. The goal: improve your shooting percentages to 90 percent of all lay ins, 80 percent of all free throws, 40 percent of all three-point shots, 50 percents of all other shots.

Daily shot progression: 50-100 lay ins at game speed, 50-100 free throws, 50-100 outside shots at game speed

Download the following chart so you can keep track:  24,000_Shot_Chart

Coach Wells will be opening the gym/weight room at Marshall Middle School at 8 am Monday, Wednesday, Friday, the week of July 25.

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Varsity Team Camp

The following girls are going to varsity camp: Kendel Wilkerson, Cierra Pettit, Sloan Jackowich, Hollianne Wieland, Sophie Rice, Drew Rothengass, Rachel Fenton, Makenzie Shea, Chelsea Lamoreaux, Spencer Pettit.

We’ll meet at Capital at 10:30 July 17th to carpool to Bellingham.

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Happy 4th of July

Just wanted to say to everyone to have a safe and happy 4th!

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WWU individual camp

So these are the girls who have told me they are going-
Hannah Wahlmark-Taylor Kerr-Jessica Eidenmuller – Megan Eide-Shelby Ross
Payton McGuin-Haley Chamberlin-Rachel Schade-Kelsey Wilder – Elana Utpadel

Next – Transportation
I will NOT be able to drive this year since I will be leaving Wednesday evening. We will need to find rides for all 10 girls both ways -
So far I have confirmed 4 probable drivers!
Shelby’s mom
Hannah’s mom
Haley’s mom
If this is true we may be able to combine some rides so we don’t have to use so much gas

We will Meet at Capital at 10:45 if you want to carpool with the team – if you are NOT going to meet us at the school please let me know so we don’t wait for you on Sunday.

Here is the packing list for the week. – Questions – Please ask!!!

WWU Individual camp packing list

1. Reversibles – you need to bring your red and white one with you. If you have more bring them
2. You need basketball shoes and something to wear to get to the gym. And something that you can run in outside- on the grass ( like running shoes- not just flip flops)
3. Lots of socks, underwear, sports bras.
4. Pillow and blankets or sleeping bag
5 Money: you will need money for lunch on Sunday and lunch on Thursday. They will also have a snack shack open in the evenings and if you want anything from the bookstore.
6. Present for coach wright to keep him happy :)
7. Water bottle
8. Pencil/pen/ and some paper or better yet a 3×5 card- (actually about 5)
9. Snacks for evening

THANKS- Coach Wright

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