Yelm – Round 2

Our c-team played tough today and really separated themselves in the 2nd quarter allowing only 1 point!!  That is great defense.  They continued to play tough and ended up with a quality 7 point win over a team that we only beat by 2 last time out.

The JV team had the game of the night.  Last time we played this team they totally handled us in the 2nd half. In that time they outscored us by 12 points.  Today we had to play them with out Kara – cast on her arm – and Mikal, who was home sick.  We had a little foul trouble but we really came up big and played well as a team.  The biggest lead for either team was about 6 points.

We had a chance to give in but we didn’t and forced overtime and then a 2nd overtime.  In the 2nd overtime, Brianne, Laci, and Kelsea hit free throws to seal the win for us!!  It ended up being 63-57 and a VERY exciting game!!

In the varsity game, things didn’t work out quite as well.  Yelm came out VERY aggressive and physical, and in the end they ended up pulling away and giving us a little bit of a bloody nose! (literally) We get another shot at them in a little over a week. and we still control the destiny for who goes to the play offs!!

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009 Uncategorized