Team Stat Boards

We are going to do TEAM stat boards this year. Stickers will be awarded when the TEAM accomplishes these goals for each game. All three teams will be putting the reward stickers on the same boards.

Rebound Board:
Sticker for:
every 5 team Def. rebounds
every 3 team off. Rebounds
Big Sticker:
out rebounding other team
all 5 block out . . . . .. (pizza)

Defensive board
Sticker for:
every 2 recoveries forced by the preess
every 2 DA’s
every 3 recoveries in the half court
Big Sticker:
every 30 violation forced

Shooting Board:
Sticker for:
team shooting 50% or better
team Free throw 70% or better

Hustle Board:
Sticker for:
Anything that anyone of the coaches deems of value to the team during the game and deserves recognition.

Big Sticker:
See above – only on a bigger scale (i.e. game winning shot)

We are going with TEAM stats this year and not individual stats since too many people are trying to use individual stats inappropriately to compare one athlete to another.