State – I know Finally

State and the end of the season:

Well since I know many of the girls are all worked up that I have not sent out a letter yet I better get on the ball. (Every time I walk in the hallway I get a “why have you not sent out the state write up yet”)

Anyway……. On to state ☺

This trip is always a little unpredictable, sometimes the girls are sooo excited I have to keep them from burning adrenaline all the way from home so they aren’t spent by the time we get to Pasco let alone get ready to race the next day. Some times they are so low key I wonder if they still have a heart beat. This year was a nice mix. Clearly they were excited, for all, but 2, this was going to be the first time they get to run/experience a state meet. This can be an overwhelming thought. But, they weren’t so excited as to burn extra energy. The girls got to take selfies with the eventual 3A boys state champion in the mall and we watched McFarland together, well until many of them started to fall asleep and headed of to their own rooms. We will did loose about 10 hotel keys – misplace or forget a few jackets and hoodies – but it was all-good ;)

The day of the actual meet was great – the day started very foggy and a little cold. Watching the races before ours you could see that most of the runners were very conservative for the early part of races and just crushing the last part of races. As we got to the starting line the fog started to clear and as a matter of fact it was an extreme temperature change during our race that had 8 runners from our race end up in the med tent (one of them was ours) when all day they had a total of 9.

Well the actual race was actually really great for us. Bella and Naomi had outstanding races to lead us out and were both REALLY tough in the middle of the races. I loved watching the mental aspect play out on the course; you could really see them plotting the next move and who to go after next. Kallie will tell you she didn’t compete well but she ended up with her 2nd fastest time EVER on a course that ran pretty slow on this day. She got a great start and fought with the girls around her (which I ask them to always try and do) until the very end!! Needless to say I disagree with her evaluation. Next up were Lilly and Shasta, who if you have been watching the last few weeks, are never more than a few strides apart; they are a great combo that really feeds off of each other. Unfortunately for poor Shasta about 2 ¼ miles into the race her body decided she was done and she was unable to finish the race on her own (more later) but Lilly had a great finish and really helped the team by having a great finish on this day. Our team depth has been the best part of our team this year and today was no different – Lexi and Melissa, while a little nervous – ok a lot nervous for one, really raced well and as normal finished well, meaning they had a very nice 2nd half of the race. They ended up picking up a lot of ground and making up for some points that we needed.

At the end of the race of course we had the excitement, some frustrations, and a ton of worry for Shasta. She got to spend about 20-30 min in the med tent drinking water and recovering and came out alright! I have coached a great number of very tough young ladies but only a few who really have the mental aspect to push themselves to the limit – Shasta is one of those girls. Saturday was just one of those days that it didn’t all fit together. I feel bad that this had to happen on the day of state but as a coach I know I have the opportunity to work with a girl that is truly “ALL IN”

We finished 14th as a team on this day, on paper about where we should have been. The exciting this is that if things had fallen a little better for us We could have EASILY been 12th which would have been outstanding!!!!! We beat a team that beat us earlier in the year and even without Shasta finish just a few points behind Stadium who beat us last week.

As I write this I already miss going to practice everyday as I have grown to really love and respect these young ladies and how hard they work for each other and themselves. I have said this before but I will state it again, I will miss this team as they have a special place in my heart, and I do not throw this around lightly. I hope to see many of you in the halls, still excited to say hi a month or 2 from now, and who knows – maybe when you guys are all off at college you can stop by and say hi when you are back in town. My body language might not always say it but it is among my favorite things every year. ( I still never know when to give someone a hug and when its just awkward )

Sorry I digress….. Lastly, we are going to have a meeting Wednesday after school for people that want to attend that will address, winter training, track for those interested, XC next year (I have some EXCITING INFO) and hopefully collect the remaining uniforms (hint hint) It will be In my classroom at like 2:35 – hope to see you there if you are interested is shooting the breeze one more time.

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District meet

District meet –

Well – I want to be honest and let everyone know, we didn’t have our best day today BUT it was far, Far, FAR from a bad day ☺ After last week we all had very high expectations for ourselves and our team mates. And while we didn’t run as fast as we would like it sure was a very good day.

Bella was running her very first district meet for XC and as she found out, in our region that is a really tough thing. You could see that the race was not going the way we expected but instead of dropping from the challenge Bella really stepped up and finished with a 13th place finishing earning an individual birth to state.

Naomi running her 3rd district meet ran a very tough and strategic race today and I loved to see the sheer determination on her face in the last loop. She was super aggressive and really attacked the course and the girls around her. Finishing 15th gained her 3rd state appearance!!

Kallie may have had the race of the day. Last year top 30 qualified for state and she was 32nd but today she left no doubts as she came home with a GREAT 20th place finish also earning her first individual qualifying mark. Her time was also almost a full minute faster than she was at this meet last year.

It then became the freshman bonanza. Lilly (40) – Melissa (45) and Shasta (46) all didn’t get quite the middle part of the race we wanted buy boy or boy did they just crush the last mile of the race, especially Melissa, every race I am impressed by one or more of our “newbies” today it was all 3 – this is a tough race every year because it is such a hard course and great competition and they did NOT back down. Lilly started probably faster than she ever has – Shasta was her normal dependable self and Melissa, well lets just say that if Kallie didn’t have the race of the day it was definitely Melissa ☺

Lexi rounded out our racers today – while she will be really hard on herself she ran one of the toughest races I have ever seen her have today. She clearly didn’t have the day she wanted but fought hard to the end. As a matter of fact she ran 2:27 than she did at this race last year and finished 33 spots better this season as well!!

Some other random observations

1. Only Peninsula got 7 girls across the line before we did. It shows how great our depth is this year.
2. This team really runs well for themselves and for each other.
3. They are so positive while getting ready to go –relaxed and ready to go. Our leaders are so good at getting everyone ready to go.
4. Grace and Aven did a GREAT job being relaxed and helpful, getting teammates relaxed, focused and ready to race.

For next week: Our end of season Banquet is on Wednesday at 5:45 in the Commons- It is a potluck – bring anything to share and I suggest bringing your own drinks- We will eat and then go in the theater for the certificates. I hope to see everyone there!

Friday: Team Leaves for the state meet in Pasco! We will race at 12:30 at the sunwillows golf course in Pasco. If you need more information please let me know.

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South Sound Conference Championships

So to be honest, I really don’t know where to start today. I have to say this turned out to be one of the best days I have ever had as a coach. I could not be more proud of this team, and to over share a little bit but shed a bunch of tears today as I watched the girls race, and interact with each other, today.

So here are some general notes from the race today. We had 30 girls race. 3 girls ran the fastest race of the season (SR) and 26, YES 26 girls run a lifetime Personal record (PR). That just doesn’t happen. This is such and amazing accomplishment by our ladies – I can’t say that I have ever had that happen as a coach – even when we get down to just varsity girls.

Normally I would just list out all the girls PRs but I think I would just get repetitive so gonna talk a little bit in broad strokes. (and save some of the information for the banquet) but anyway – We have been working on our positive energy and focusing on the positive things we have been doing this year after a number of frustrating races with bad races and tough courses. To start the day I knew we would be in great shape, just how well they prepared and how happy the girls were. I told them yesterday that I thought they were ready to do great things.

In the JV race, I had told Aven, Maria, and Emily to not be afraid to go to the front, they didn’t look like they believed me. Well after the first half mile I knew we were in for something special. Both Aven and Maria were in the top 10 overall and not backing down from anyone, but I couldn’t keep up cheering because there were just no gaps of our girls, it was just amazing – and I got a little emotional early in the race because they were running so well. So I ran to the next spot and I couldn’t beat half the girls to that spot so I jumped to the next spot I usually go to. Aven, Maria, Taylor and Emily had already passed. So I raced to the spot where the course kind of doubles back on itself. I say Aven and Maria coming down the hill in what I knew to be a great time for them. The girls just kept coming and every single girl was not just running fast but RACING the girls around them. ALL of them, not just the top girls but ALL the girls!!! I can’t say that this has always been true of our girls but today it was. I have to say the I cried a little when the top girls came racing by and then again when Morgan came flying by because I knew how much it meant to her to have a good race. Sarah came by and I remembered all she had to over come just to race after she hurt her knee earlier in the season and spent a big portion of the season in a knee brace, (tears) Then came the girls that didn’t have as many girls around them to run with but were still just busting it for great times!!!! And again I was overwhelmed when Sophie ran by me, being a senior and running for the last time, and she just gave me the look that, “ I got this coach!!” and sure enough she did. Then I finally get back to the tent and all the girls are screaming at me about how great their times were, (again choked up) There was even more great things, I wish I could recall them all and write them down. But anyway here are our PR’s today in the JV race:

Aven :10
Maria :16 BTW ran 24:57 as a freshman and ran 21:38 today
Tayler :22
Reagan 1:27
Kelsey :51
Alina 1:41 and she never ran a race in 24 minute range drop from 25’s all the down into the 23’s
Cara :57
Sarah 1:15 also totally skipped the 24’s
Skyler :27
Phoebe 1:31 never ran in the 26’s
Nancy 1:00
Izzie :58
Amanda :17
Annah 2:31!!!!!
Megan :27
Paloma 3:05!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sophie :28

If we add on Season bests it takes the totals to 18:24!!!!!

So on to varsity – If you were there you saw the varsity girls get really nervous, I mean REALLY nervous. Since this is the group I work most with I knew they were ready, they just needed to believe that they were ready – had a few tears, not mine (yet) but as we got closer to the start of the race, I started asking the girls if they were ready, they of course gave the “of course, we are coach” response, but then one took a deep breathe and looked at me and said, “we got this” tears – mine this time.

The race started and by the time we got to the half mile mark I knew this was either going to be a GREAT day or we started WAY to fast and this was going to be a really tough last half of the race. Well, it was the first, wewere just as amazing as the JV girls today. Bella had set a goal to be league champ today, and made a valiant effort. She was able to bring away a strong 2nd place finish and a new PR. Naomi ran a great race and had her most aggressive race of the season, so far, finishing 5th, (Season best), Kallie filled out our podium finishers today with a 9th place finish (PR)

We had a little gap after that but then the flood gates opened and Lilly -18th, Shasta – 19th, Lexi 20th, Melissa 22nd and our 2 alternates for today Grace – 23rd and Marin 24th ALL finished with lifetime PR’s All of our girls, including our 2 alternates finished AHEAD of ALL other teams top 7 varsity girls.!!!! As crawled my way up to the finish line (getting tired by this time of the day – and maybe a little dehydrated) I about get tackled by Kallie who is so excited for her time, she couldn’t contain herself, then I see Naomi being the great leader she is waiting at the finish line for girls to finish the race so she can cheer them on. Shasta is got a grin from ear to ear and Lilly has a look of “I can’t believe I just did this” on her face. And Lexi, ran so hard she is having a hard time even standing up her legs are so tired. I finally find Bella, who is giving an interview to the paper, as she talks about her journey and teammates I swell with pride and joy for her and her teammates. (hopefully will be a great article in the paper tomorrow) Here are the PR’s for the varsity today

Bella :04
Kallie :27
Lilly : 50
Shasta :46
Lexi :55
Melissa :45
Grace :30
Marin :16

That’s 4:33 in PR’s today for a grand total of 22 minutes and 16 minutes of Lifetime personal bests. And if we had season best it comes to a grand total of 23:12!!!!!!

There were lots of hugs and lots of tears of happiness today!! I can’t express how proud I am of this amazing group of strong young women!! The next few weeks should be exciting as our varsity girls continue the quest to state!

Remember – anyone is welcome at practice all the way to the end. Same bat time same bat channel.

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End of season Voting link

Here is the google form for voting for the end of season awards.

Please vote as soon as possible while the season is fresh in your mind

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What a day- what a day!!!!!! WHAT A DAY!!!! I was so excited for today, especially once school let out ☺ I always have enjoyed this day so much. I love watching the Younger crew getting so excited for their Senior teammates and the juniors getting to experience this fun as well. Seniors I know it isn’t done yet but you will all be missed!!!! CK beat us by 9 points today, just 9 – they ran their whole varsity today and we ran only our 1-2 from last weekend. I have a feeling that more good things are in store for us in the near future.

I have had a good feeling that we were DUE for a great race and today was DEFINITELY the day!!! We had 9 Lifetime PR’s and 2 season best in the race today –It was just an amazing day!! Really amazing!

The Middle school girls got to run a new longer course today and still almost came away PR’s Emma was the first girl across the line today and Grace was just 12 seconds from a PR on the longer course!!! So much fun!

For the Juniors, Naomi led the way for the juniors with a season best of just over 5 seconds (just off of her lifetime PR on this course) in a great race that included running the hill loop perfectly. Following that lead these girls were just tough as nails. Here are the LIFETIME PR’s of the rest of the juniors:

Kelsey :45
Aven :49 since Capital Invite which is a lifetime drop of :26
Megan :39
Skyler: 10

That totals 2:00 of improvement – which is pretty cool but then you look at the fact that….. Amanda ran 3:42 faster than Capital Invite this year but 2:22 faster than her lifetime best. Yes 2:22

So they as a group dropped 262 seconds or 4 minutes and 22 seconds!!!!!

The seniors didn’t fair to badly – as a matter of fact all 5 had bests today.
Morgan had a season best of :56 seconds – and was close to her lifetime.

Bella not only picked up another Quality win, beating the top returning girl from last year for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, but dropped :25 from Capital Invite
Marin :14 lifetime pr
Sophie dropped 1:26 drop from Capital Invite but a 1:14 Lifetime PR
Lauren dropped 1:04 from Capital Invite and that is a :45 PR

So they had 2:38 worth of PR’s today –

So combined – we had a team improvement of exactly 7 minutes today. I am so proud of you ladies it was amazing to watch you work so hard today. On Monday – I asked you to “put your whole self in” and boy did you today – I hope that o n Friday the Freshman and Sophomores learned from today and were inspired to do the same on Friday! We have a great chance to win on Friday – there are some other great teams there and they will have something to say about us winning – Lets show them they don’t have a chance!!!

Speaking of Friday – remember bus LEAVES Capital at 1:30 please find a way to get there on time!!!!

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End of Season Information

End of season Information for everyone

As we get close to the end of the season things get a little more crazy than normal so I thought I would get you some information so you can be prepared.

If you are done with your season – please return your clean uniform and jacket as soon as possible.

Saturday Oct 29th: WCD/SWW District Championships American Lake GC ( Spectators will have to pay to enter) This is our State qualifier. I can only run 7 girls but other girls will be here as alternates. If we are in the top 5 teams we will move on to state (also any individuals in the top 35 will also move on to state)

Wednesday Nov 2nd: End of season awards Banquet – This night will start with a potluck combined with the boys team and then we will take the girls into the Theater and give our season awards. This event is for EVERYONE – Athletes, Parents, families, friends – anyone who wants to come.

Friday Nov 4th: Varsity girls leave for state meet in Pasco WA
Satuday Nov 5th STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS – Sun Willows golf Course Pasco WA. Here is our chance!!!

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Highclimber Invitational

Highclimber Invite.

I would say a very interesting day – In a positive way. It is hard to gage how today went because of a few reasons. 1 – We have never run this course before 2- this is a brand new course so it is still a little rough as far as footing 3 – Not a ton of competition for everyone on our team since there was only a few schools there and 4. Clearly not a fast course 5. The wind was not very helpful either.

I do have to say that the trophy we won is the most unique I have ever received. For those of you not there it was a Double bladed ax – fully usable to cut down a small tree if we wanted.

Anyway…. I first wanted to say that I was extremely happy for our girls – while this was not a perfect race for all our girls I was REALLY happy how I could see you applying all the things that we talked about all week in the race today – even for pre-meet warm-ups to the actual races. Everyone seemed so much more confident and ready to race today. I was a little worried with this being homecoming that we would not have great focus, but I was proven wrong !!

First race of the day was the MS race – I was super happy how this race went – Emma had a great race! She just missed her 3k PR but right about 2 seconds!! She was the first MS girl (I think 5th overall) and got a VERY cool medal – which was actually a necklace that has a silver hatchet on it!! While her time wasn’t that great for her Grace had a great race – she had to run most of the race all by herself but she was still able to push herself very hard and finished as the 2nd girl.

For the HS girls I decided to look at some different comparisons mainly because from here on out time really doesn’t matter as much as competing with the girls around you does. So the 1 constant we had was that the 2 times we have raced these teams Bella won both of those races. So I decided to compare all of the varsity girls to Bella and see where we were at today. I took the time gap between each athlete and Bella in the 2-mile course from earlier in the season and then converted that to a 3.1-mile time to compare to today.

The first people we can compare with the 2 Shelton girls and the Adna girl. So Bella should have beat the one girl by 1:05 but she beat her by 1:30 the other two had great days and we ahead of the predicted time gaps by about 4-7 sec each. Meaning I would say that they and Bella had a pretty good day – It was a lifetime PR for the #2 Shelton runner.

For our girls, we can’t compare Naomi, Lexi, Marin, Grace, and Kallies’ times because none raced in the first go round, but next for us was Lilly, who was predicted to be 2:44 slower than Bella today – BUT ended up being 1:40 behind – Over a full minute ahead of where she was just about a month ago. Shasta should have been 2:05 but came in at 1:43. (:23 ahead of the prediction) The next one we can compare was Melissa her predicated gap was 2:53 but come away at 2:21 (:32 ahead!!) all in all a good run for our varsity group (More later) For the rest of the girls it was tougher to compare but what we do know is that Lauren had a great day – in the first race she finished behind a Shelton girl (who set a lifetime PR today) by :23 over a 2 mile course today she was just :17 sec behind her and Lauren was really catching her over the last mile. Prediction should have been over :35 seconds behind her.

Overall I really saw some great things today. When Naomi hit the hill loop the 2nd time it was clear that she was ready to dominate from there to the finish. That is tough racing when you are really accelerating into the toughest part of the course. I was great to see so many girls really trying to accelerate over the top of the hill, I know that we talk about that all the time, but talking in practice and actually doing it in a race are 2 different things. I think the best efforts today came out of Emma, Phoebe and Annah. Many were good but those 3 REALLY were tough in that section of the race. The other thing that made me happy came from our JV girls on the back road loop – Pretty much in every case our girls were either catching up to or pulling away from any of the Shelton girls who were racing – and they had great times for themselves so that says something about how we were racing today as well.

I am hoping everyone going to Homecoming has a GREAT time tonight and I am expecting to see many great photos – seriously – email – post on the FB page – text whatever ☺

I will also be posting another post about the end of season information for everyone in a different post.

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Curtis invite

First the Middle school race on Friday – Both Grace and Emma ran great – Emma was 6th overall with a 22 second PR over last year and Grace finished a strong 16th out of 52 girls running the race – they had great conditions and both raced incredibly tough!!!!

Well here are some things we know…..

Todays course was clearly NOT the PR course that it used to be.
a. For the first time we have been there it was WET – and the standing water/slippery grass REALLY slows things down.
b. They added distance in 2 spots and they removed distance in one area.
c. In the top Varsity race only 12 total girls out of 150 set a PR today – compared to the Fort Steilacoom course girls that ran both ran an average of about 25-35 seconds slower than FS
d. Someone on the boys team used his GPS and came up with 3.17 miles and also I heard the same from another coach.

It is the time of the year that colds are going around. First off I do want to say that if you are clearly sick, please stay home!! It is not good for you or for the other girls on the team, check and see if you are running a fever and if you are please STAY HOME get sleep and get healthy. Also, DO NOT SHARE WATER BOTTLES. We have been coming to the meets prepared for the weather, on that matter keep us the great work.

On to the races.

Race 1 – JV. Most of our team was here today and they got us off to a great start today. The whole group got a great start and continued from there. Grace led the way finishing 11th today – just 1 spot (and 1 second) away from a podium finish. Aven followed up with a strong race hitting her season best today. Kelsey really had a great 2nd loop moving up about 10-12 spots during that last full loop. Izzy pulled in a PR today lowering her time from Wednesday. Megan I think did the best “crest of the hill” that I got to see today. She destroyed the girls around her and propelled herself down that backstretch heading to the finish – not that other people didn’t do a good job – just that Megan was amazing. Paloma was also able to pull in a nice PR today pulling in at :56 seconds under her previous best!!!

Next up the poor ladies who got the worst conditions of the day – Clearly the wettest and highest winds of the day, but that didn’t stop our girls from putting forth great efforts on the course. Naomi got everyone off to a great start – and Lexi moved up great in the 2nd loop provided another set of tough races today. I am sure if you ask any of the girls in this race they will all tell you they can do better, but if you know them, you know they are all incredibly talented young ladies that have HIGH expectations of themselves and will be really hard on themselves. You are going to see this group of ladies do great, not just good but GREAT things the rest of the way down the stretch. Mark my words, these are some of the toughest young ladies I know.

Our last race of the day got the soggiest grass but the best weather otherwise – less rain, less wind. I reminded them right before the started to not be afraid to go to the front, since they are racing only the 5-6-7-8 girls from the other teams as well and they a great day. Lilly and Melissa finished 14th and 17th in this race and both were able to pull out PR’s. Lilly dropped 4 seconds and Melissa dropped under 22:00 for the first time today dropping 18 seconds. Jordie and Emily followed close behind with good races finishing 29-30th out of the 130 girls in that race. Only 2 other teams were able to get 4 girls that early!!

As always I am super proud of this group of young ladies – they work so hard and I wish they could all have a great day every time out – unfortunately that is not the way the human body works, but with that said I think you are going to see a great finish to our season.

Next week is HOMECOMING WEEK – please have a great time but remember to take care of yourself and keep up with your homework!!!

For Monday – I would like everyone to figure out what your average mile pace is for your Season best time AND your average mile pace for your GOAL pace. We are going to use these on Monday. Also, on Monday practice will most likely go all the way to 5:00 or a little after we have some things scheduled for practice, that while not hard, will take some extra time. As soon as I know times for Saturday I will let you know what the plan is.

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at Central Kitsap

Busy day :)

From Secret sisters to the longest travel meet we have for the Regular season!!

Today as an interesting day on the course – we ran hard, but we were outraced by Peninsula today – well all the teams were. We are learning something new every time out. I wasn’t happy at the end of the race but I was very much NOT disappointed. Today was a tough course against top teams. But that is the main reason I wanted to do this race.

Anyway onto the race. Being a tough course and a little warm PR’s were really hard to come by as a matter of fact we only had 3.
Reagan :23 and got under 25 min for the first time today
Phoebe dropped 1:17 and almost jumped the entire 27 min range going from 18:18 to 27:01!!!
Izzie dropped :03 from her PR some would not that much but any PR is a good PR!!!
Tayler had a Capital PR but I a lifetime PR.

Other highlights – Bella led the way today and brought home a quality win!!

As Danelle and I watched the races – and reviewed the photos it was pretty clear that Lexi, Jordie, Reagan, Phoebe, Izzie, Melissa and Tayler all had great 2nd loops of the course. All of them really moved up in the 2nd half.

So for Saturday I have the following entries

Varsity (1-2-3-4) Bella, Naomi, Kallie, Shasta 11:00 am
Varsity (5-6-7-8) Lexi, Jordie, Lilly, Melissa 12:05 PM
Everyone else will be running JV for this race. 9:45 am
(Yes I know those aren’t listed in time order)

Lastly, If you have not gotten your order in for shirts PLEASE get the information to the ASB office on Thursday!!! So we can get the order done.

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Home meet

For returning parents you kind of know the drill – we held out a bunch of girls today to get some rest – just as we did last week. I love this because it does 2 things for us.
1. Gives people a chance to rest
2. Gives new girls a chance to step up for filling in spots and be a leader

So I knew that Peninsula was going to hold out most of their top runners this week because they are going to a major meet on Saturday and wanted to be rested but it really gave our kids a chance to place high and really compete for top places.

At the end of the day we dominated the scores. We had 21 Pen 58 Yelm 90 Tim 96 and NT 125. So that was pretty great for our ladies.

It was really great to see how many of our girls were leaders in the group they were running with and controlling the pace of that group and really beating the people around them for the most part – I was really happy to see how well our girls moved through out the whole race – From Naomi who was in control the whole time and REALLY dominated the last hill to Paloma who move up a whole Minute on the girl around her in the last loop!!!! Also, welcome to Alina and Tayler who raced for the first time this season for our team!!

For those of you who know you know we can score a meet and look at everyone’s PR’s and run a hypothetical meet. Which can be deceiving because teams run different courses that are not always comparable but Peninsula and us have run 3 meets together so far and they are ranked #1 in our district but we have gone from being about 30-35 points behind them in a big meet to about 7-10 we are doing a great job of getting going and moving closer as we go. I can wait to see what the next few meets do to that ranking. We will really find out next week when we have Peninsula, us, and CK all at the same meet all racing together. We are currently ranked 1-2-3 in the league and Possibly in the district as well. Big challenges bring great results!!!

For individuals today there were 5 PR’s today.
Lilly – dropped :28 today just from Saturday
Lauren dropped another :02
Raegan dropped :49 – BIGGEST OF THE DAY
Nancy dropped :25
Grace dropped :39

Total 2:23 total PR’s today!!!!!!!

These are all outstanding because the FS courts is considered to be WAY faster than our course and we did a BRUTAL workout on Monday that some girls are still recovering from.

Naomi led form start to finish and picked up a solid win – Grace and Lilly were also highly competitive as you can see from the big PR’s today.

Coming up next

SATURDAY is our “Olympics” practice will start at 9 am – Be prepared to run!!!!! We will be done right about noon. PARENTS are welcome. After we are done, for anyone that wants to we are going to walk over to Brewery City for lunch – Bring $$ to get food – they have pizza, Pasta and great Salads. IT IS OPTIONAL to go to Lunch.

Next Wednesday the girls are going to Central Kitsap – should be a great hard fought meet!!!

I also have some great fun information to share at practice tomorrow.

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