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For returning parents you kind of know the drill – we held out a bunch of girls today to get some rest – just as we did last week. I love this because it does 2 things for us.
1. Gives people a chance to rest
2. Gives new girls a chance to step up for filling in spots and be a leader

So I knew that Peninsula was going to hold out most of their top runners this week because they are going to a major meet on Saturday and wanted to be rested but it really gave our kids a chance to place high and really compete for top places.

At the end of the day we dominated the scores. We had 21 Pen 58 Yelm 90 Tim 96 and NT 125. So that was pretty great for our ladies.

It was really great to see how many of our girls were leaders in the group they were running with and controlling the pace of that group and really beating the people around them for the most part – I was really happy to see how well our girls moved through out the whole race – From Naomi who was in control the whole time and REALLY dominated the last hill to Paloma who move up a whole Minute on the girl around her in the last loop!!!! Also, welcome to Alina and Tayler who raced for the first time this season for our team!!

For those of you who know Athletic.net you know we can score a meet and look at everyone’s PR’s and run a hypothetical meet. Which can be deceiving because teams run different courses that are not always comparable but Peninsula and us have run 3 meets together so far and they are ranked #1 in our district but we have gone from being about 30-35 points behind them in a big meet to about 7-10 we are doing a great job of getting going and moving closer as we go. I can wait to see what the next few meets do to that ranking. We will really find out next week when we have Peninsula, us, and CK all at the same meet all racing together. We are currently ranked 1-2-3 in the league and Possibly in the district as well. Big challenges bring great results!!!

For individuals today there were 5 PR’s today.
Lilly – dropped :28 today just from Saturday
Lauren dropped another :02
Raegan dropped :49 – BIGGEST OF THE DAY
Nancy dropped :25
Grace dropped :39

Total 2:23 total PR’s today!!!!!!!

These are all outstanding because the FS courts is considered to be WAY faster than our course and we did a BRUTAL workout on Monday that some girls are still recovering from.

Naomi led form start to finish and picked up a solid win – Grace and Lilly were also highly competitive as you can see from the big PR’s today.

Coming up next

SATURDAY is our “Olympics” practice will start at 9 am – Be prepared to run!!!!! We will be done right about noon. PARENTS are welcome. After we are done, for anyone that wants to we are going to walk over to Brewery City for lunch – Bring $$ to get food – they have pizza, Pasta and great Salads. IT IS OPTIONAL to go to Lunch.

Next Wednesday the girls are going to Central Kitsap – should be a great hard fought meet!!!

I also have some great fun information to share at practice tomorrow.

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