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First the Middle school race on Friday – Both Grace and Emma ran great – Emma was 6th overall with a 22 second PR over last year and Grace finished a strong 16th out of 52 girls running the race – they had great conditions and both raced incredibly tough!!!!

Well here are some things we know…..

Todays course was clearly NOT the PR course that it used to be.
a. For the first time we have been there it was WET – and the standing water/slippery grass REALLY slows things down.
b. They added distance in 2 spots and they removed distance in one area.
c. In the top Varsity race only 12 total girls out of 150 set a PR today – compared to the Fort Steilacoom course girls that ran both ran an average of about 25-35 seconds slower than FS
d. Someone on the boys team used his GPS and came up with 3.17 miles and also I heard the same from another coach.

It is the time of the year that colds are going around. First off I do want to say that if you are clearly sick, please stay home!! It is not good for you or for the other girls on the team, check and see if you are running a fever and if you are please STAY HOME get sleep and get healthy. Also, DO NOT SHARE WATER BOTTLES. We have been coming to the meets prepared for the weather, on that matter keep us the great work.

On to the races.

Race 1 – JV. Most of our team was here today and they got us off to a great start today. The whole group got a great start and continued from there. Grace led the way finishing 11th today – just 1 spot (and 1 second) away from a podium finish. Aven followed up with a strong race hitting her season best today. Kelsey really had a great 2nd loop moving up about 10-12 spots during that last full loop. Izzy pulled in a PR today lowering her time from Wednesday. Megan I think did the best “crest of the hill” that I got to see today. She destroyed the girls around her and propelled herself down that backstretch heading to the finish – not that other people didn’t do a good job – just that Megan was amazing. Paloma was also able to pull in a nice PR today pulling in at :56 seconds under her previous best!!!

Next up the poor ladies who got the worst conditions of the day – Clearly the wettest and highest winds of the day, but that didn’t stop our girls from putting forth great efforts on the course. Naomi got everyone off to a great start – and Lexi moved up great in the 2nd loop provided another set of tough races today. I am sure if you ask any of the girls in this race they will all tell you they can do better, but if you know them, you know they are all incredibly talented young ladies that have HIGH expectations of themselves and will be really hard on themselves. You are going to see this group of ladies do great, not just good but GREAT things the rest of the way down the stretch. Mark my words, these are some of the toughest young ladies I know.

Our last race of the day got the soggiest grass but the best weather otherwise – less rain, less wind. I reminded them right before the started to not be afraid to go to the front, since they are racing only the 5-6-7-8 girls from the other teams as well and they a great day. Lilly and Melissa finished 14th and 17th in this race and both were able to pull out PR’s. Lilly dropped 4 seconds and Melissa dropped under 22:00 for the first time today dropping 18 seconds. Jordie and Emily followed close behind with good races finishing 29-30th out of the 130 girls in that race. Only 2 other teams were able to get 4 girls that early!!

As always I am super proud of this group of young ladies – they work so hard and I wish they could all have a great day every time out – unfortunately that is not the way the human body works, but with that said I think you are going to see a great finish to our season.

Next week is HOMECOMING WEEK – please have a great time but remember to take care of yourself and keep up with your homework!!!

For Monday – I would like everyone to figure out what your average mile pace is for your Season best time AND your average mile pace for your GOAL pace. We are going to use these on Monday. Also, on Monday practice will most likely go all the way to 5:00 or a little after we have some things scheduled for practice, that while not hard, will take some extra time. As soon as I know times for Saturday I will let you know what the plan is.

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