Highclimber Invitational

Highclimber Invite.

I would say a very interesting day – In a positive way. It is hard to gage how today went because of a few reasons. 1 – We have never run this course before 2- this is a brand new course so it is still a little rough as far as footing 3 – Not a ton of competition for everyone on our team since there was only a few schools there and 4. Clearly not a fast course 5. The wind was not very helpful either.

I do have to say that the trophy we won is the most unique I have ever received. For those of you not there it was a Double bladed ax – fully usable to cut down a small tree if we wanted.

Anyway…. I first wanted to say that I was extremely happy for our girls – while this was not a perfect race for all our girls I was REALLY happy how I could see you applying all the things that we talked about all week in the race today – even for pre-meet warm-ups to the actual races. Everyone seemed so much more confident and ready to race today. I was a little worried with this being homecoming that we would not have great focus, but I was proven wrong !!

First race of the day was the MS race – I was super happy how this race went – Emma had a great race! She just missed her 3k PR but right about 2 seconds!! She was the first MS girl (I think 5th overall) and got a VERY cool medal – which was actually a necklace that has a silver hatchet on it!! While her time wasn’t that great for her Grace had a great race – she had to run most of the race all by herself but she was still able to push herself very hard and finished as the 2nd girl.

For the HS girls I decided to look at some different comparisons mainly because from here on out time really doesn’t matter as much as competing with the girls around you does. So the 1 constant we had was that the 2 times we have raced these teams Bella won both of those races. So I decided to compare all of the varsity girls to Bella and see where we were at today. I took the time gap between each athlete and Bella in the 2-mile course from earlier in the season and then converted that to a 3.1-mile time to compare to today.

The first people we can compare with the 2 Shelton girls and the Adna girl. So Bella should have beat the one girl by 1:05 but she beat her by 1:30 the other two had great days and we ahead of the predicted time gaps by about 4-7 sec each. Meaning I would say that they and Bella had a pretty good day – It was a lifetime PR for the #2 Shelton runner.

For our girls, we can’t compare Naomi, Lexi, Marin, Grace, and Kallies’ times because none raced in the first go round, but next for us was Lilly, who was predicted to be 2:44 slower than Bella today – BUT ended up being 1:40 behind – Over a full minute ahead of where she was just about a month ago. Shasta should have been 2:05 but came in at 1:43. (:23 ahead of the prediction) The next one we can compare was Melissa her predicated gap was 2:53 but come away at 2:21 (:32 ahead!!) all in all a good run for our varsity group (More later) For the rest of the girls it was tougher to compare but what we do know is that Lauren had a great day – in the first race she finished behind a Shelton girl (who set a lifetime PR today) by :23 over a 2 mile course today she was just :17 sec behind her and Lauren was really catching her over the last mile. Prediction should have been over :35 seconds behind her.

Overall I really saw some great things today. When Naomi hit the hill loop the 2nd time it was clear that she was ready to dominate from there to the finish. That is tough racing when you are really accelerating into the toughest part of the course. I was great to see so many girls really trying to accelerate over the top of the hill, I know that we talk about that all the time, but talking in practice and actually doing it in a race are 2 different things. I think the best efforts today came out of Emma, Phoebe and Annah. Many were good but those 3 REALLY were tough in that section of the race. The other thing that made me happy came from our JV girls on the back road loop – Pretty much in every case our girls were either catching up to or pulling away from any of the Shelton girls who were racing – and they had great times for themselves so that says something about how we were racing today as well.

I am hoping everyone going to Homecoming has a GREAT time tonight and I am expecting to see many great photos – seriously – email – post on the FB page – text whatever ☺

I will also be posting another post about the end of season information for everyone in a different post.

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