What a day- what a day!!!!!! WHAT A DAY!!!! I was so excited for today, especially once school let out ☺ I always have enjoyed this day so much. I love watching the Younger crew getting so excited for their Senior teammates and the juniors getting to experience this fun as well. Seniors I know it isn’t done yet but you will all be missed!!!! CK beat us by 9 points today, just 9 – they ran their whole varsity today and we ran only our 1-2 from last weekend. I have a feeling that more good things are in store for us in the near future.

I have had a good feeling that we were DUE for a great race and today was DEFINITELY the day!!! We had 9 Lifetime PR’s and 2 season best in the race today –It was just an amazing day!! Really amazing!

The Middle school girls got to run a new longer course today and still almost came away PR’s Emma was the first girl across the line today and Grace was just 12 seconds from a PR on the longer course!!! So much fun!

For the Juniors, Naomi led the way for the juniors with a season best of just over 5 seconds (just off of her lifetime PR on this course) in a great race that included running the hill loop perfectly. Following that lead these girls were just tough as nails. Here are the LIFETIME PR’s of the rest of the juniors:

Kelsey :45
Aven :49 since Capital Invite which is a lifetime drop of :26
Megan :39
Skyler: 10

That totals 2:00 of improvement – which is pretty cool but then you look at the fact that….. Amanda ran 3:42 faster than Capital Invite this year but 2:22 faster than her lifetime best. Yes 2:22

So they as a group dropped 262 seconds or 4 minutes and 22 seconds!!!!!

The seniors didn’t fair to badly – as a matter of fact all 5 had bests today.
Morgan had a season best of :56 seconds – and was close to her lifetime.

Bella not only picked up another Quality win, beating the top returning girl from last year for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, but dropped :25 from Capital Invite
Marin :14 lifetime pr
Sophie dropped 1:26 drop from Capital Invite but a 1:14 Lifetime PR
Lauren dropped 1:04 from Capital Invite and that is a :45 PR

So they had 2:38 worth of PR’s today –

So combined – we had a team improvement of exactly 7 minutes today. I am so proud of you ladies it was amazing to watch you work so hard today. On Monday – I asked you to “put your whole self in” and boy did you today – I hope that o n Friday the Freshman and Sophomores learned from today and were inspired to do the same on Friday! We have a great chance to win on Friday – there are some other great teams there and they will have something to say about us winning – Lets show them they don’t have a chance!!!

Speaking of Friday – remember bus LEAVES Capital at 1:30 please find a way to get there on time!!!!

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