State – I know Finally

State and the end of the season:

Well since I know many of the girls are all worked up that I have not sent out a letter yet I better get on the ball. (Every time I walk in the hallway I get a “why have you not sent out the state write up yet”)

Anyway……. On to state ☺

This trip is always a little unpredictable, sometimes the girls are sooo excited I have to keep them from burning adrenaline all the way from home so they aren’t spent by the time we get to Pasco let alone get ready to race the next day. Some times they are so low key I wonder if they still have a heart beat. This year was a nice mix. Clearly they were excited, for all, but 2, this was going to be the first time they get to run/experience a state meet. This can be an overwhelming thought. But, they weren’t so excited as to burn extra energy. The girls got to take selfies with the eventual 3A boys state champion in the mall and we watched McFarland together, well until many of them started to fall asleep and headed of to their own rooms. We will did loose about 10 hotel keys – misplace or forget a few jackets and hoodies – but it was all-good ;)

The day of the actual meet was great – the day started very foggy and a little cold. Watching the races before ours you could see that most of the runners were very conservative for the early part of races and just crushing the last part of races. As we got to the starting line the fog started to clear and as a matter of fact it was an extreme temperature change during our race that had 8 runners from our race end up in the med tent (one of them was ours) when all day they had a total of 9.

Well the actual race was actually really great for us. Bella and Naomi had outstanding races to lead us out and were both REALLY tough in the middle of the races. I loved watching the mental aspect play out on the course; you could really see them plotting the next move and who to go after next. Kallie will tell you she didn’t compete well but she ended up with her 2nd fastest time EVER on a course that ran pretty slow on this day. She got a great start and fought with the girls around her (which I ask them to always try and do) until the very end!! Needless to say I disagree with her evaluation. Next up were Lilly and Shasta, who if you have been watching the last few weeks, are never more than a few strides apart; they are a great combo that really feeds off of each other. Unfortunately for poor Shasta about 2 ¼ miles into the race her body decided she was done and she was unable to finish the race on her own (more later) but Lilly had a great finish and really helped the team by having a great finish on this day. Our team depth has been the best part of our team this year and today was no different – Lexi and Melissa, while a little nervous – ok a lot nervous for one, really raced well and as normal finished well, meaning they had a very nice 2nd half of the race. They ended up picking up a lot of ground and making up for some points that we needed.

At the end of the race of course we had the excitement, some frustrations, and a ton of worry for Shasta. She got to spend about 20-30 min in the med tent drinking water and recovering and came out alright! I have coached a great number of very tough young ladies but only a few who really have the mental aspect to push themselves to the limit – Shasta is one of those girls. Saturday was just one of those days that it didn’t all fit together. I feel bad that this had to happen on the day of state but as a coach I know I have the opportunity to work with a girl that is truly “ALL IN”

We finished 14th as a team on this day, on paper about where we should have been. The exciting this is that if things had fallen a little better for us We could have EASILY been 12th which would have been outstanding!!!!! We beat a team that beat us earlier in the year and even without Shasta finish just a few points behind Stadium who beat us last week.

As I write this I already miss going to practice everyday as I have grown to really love and respect these young ladies and how hard they work for each other and themselves. I have said this before but I will state it again, I will miss this team as they have a special place in my heart, and I do not throw this around lightly. I hope to see many of you in the halls, still excited to say hi a month or 2 from now, and who knows – maybe when you guys are all off at college you can stop by and say hi when you are back in town. My body language might not always say it but it is among my favorite things every year. ( I still never know when to give someone a hug and when its just awkward )

Sorry I digress….. Lastly, we are going to have a meeting Wednesday after school for people that want to attend that will address, winter training, track for those interested, XC next year (I have some EXCITING INFO) and hopefully collect the remaining uniforms (hint hint) It will be In my classroom at like 2:35 – hope to see you there if you are interested is shooting the breeze one more time.

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