Team Expectations
Coach Wright

If you are turning out I want you to understand that you are making a commitment to our team. Here are some of the rules that you need to know

You are expected to:
1. Be at practice EVERY day on time. If you can’t run you can get treatment and/or help the coaches some how. If the athlete is well enough to be at school they are well enough to be at practice. (if you think they are too sick for practice they are in all likelihood too sick to be at school getting themselves and other students sick)

After 3 unexcused absences there will be a discussion to determine if running cross country for the rest of the season is in your and/or the teams best interest (see below for possible consequences)

2. While at practice or a meet – Do your best – Whatever that is for that day.

3. Compete in all appropriate competitions
a. Everyone is expected at all South Sound Conference  meets (Wednesdays/Thursdays and the SSC League championship meet)
b. There will be  Saturday invitational’s that everyone is expected to participate in. (will be announced at beginning of season)
c. There will be a few invites where the varsity (top 10 ) will be expected to go and for the JV it will be optional to attend (in this case see communication rule below)
4. Stay at competitions and support your teammates until the end of the event/meet – this may include awards ceremony if we are getting an award.
5. Participate in team fundraisers (even if they are not during our season)
6. Communicate, Communicate, COMMUNICATE!!
a. It is the ATHLETES responsibility to inform Coach Wright of conflicts – BEFORE they happen.
b. I understand life happens and there will be conflicts – I try to be flexible if I am informed in advance.
c. Parents can communicate too, but my preference is that athletes get in the habit of doing it. (it’s a good habit to develop )
7. Support your team and teammates
8. If there are problems within the team – inform the captains or Coach Wright where appropriate.

If these expectations are not meet here are some of the possible results of those decisions:
1. Athlete may be held out of competitions (suspended)
2. Varsity letter may be withheld
3. Athlete may be removed from the team

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