Lettering Criteria

To Letter for the Capital HS XC team you must do the following, and complete the season in Good Standing:

1. Run on the varsity team (top 9) the whole season

2. Score 20 letter points during the season
– 1 point is scored by beating the 5th place runner on another varsity team in a dual meet or Invite
– 1 point for running as a designated varsity runner for any meet.

3. Missing team practices/fundraisers for Unexcused reasons will subtract points
– you will be unexcused if you do not notify a coach in advance of absences – (you are are absent from school due to illness you do not need to notify the coach – the attendance office will let me know)

4. The coach reserves the right to letter any athlete that he feels is deserving
– 3rd year athletes who have been full team members (actively participated in fundraisers, practices and meets) will be given very high consideration for a letter.

* Good standing means that you have not quit the team or failed to compete in League, District, or state event that you were entered in/qualified for. Choosing to not participate in the championship events will be considered NOT finishing in good standard.

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