M.V.T. -’12

Better known as our Most Valuable Teammate.

This is an important position on our team because it is picked by the girls on our team.

You can be picked for being MVT for anything that contributes to our team in a positive manner!

It could be for working hard, racing well, being encouraging, supporting your teammates or . . . .

So far our team has selected the following girls for MVT. (I will add names as the season progresses)

Current: (athlete listed on the top of the list is the current MVT)

Payton McGuin 2 full minutes in 1 week. Payton – the converted sprinter, is making a big impact on our team. From her smile, great attitude, and the fact that she isn’t afraid of a challenge :) This last race was especially great as we gave her a challenge and she totally raised to the occasion and performed spectacular!!

Eliza Ramsey – This was a no brainer for me!! Eliza is a HUGE reason why we raced so well at Fort Steilacoom – Her leadership is evident at every meet. You can see her getting her teammates out to warm up – cheer – cool down. All the things needed to be successful as a team. That and when the gun goes off – she just races!!

Josie Keller – Baker Again another nomination from her teammates. Josie has come in this year and really worked hard to get good results! She is a true competitor and has really listened to what we have asked her to do and really makes sure those around her have to race hard because she is going to!!

Bailey Young Nominated by 3 of her teammates who had this to say about her: – She is always so positive at practice – She works so hard – Really tries to get better with every practice. How can you not award that! All things that we look for in an MVT!!! Not to mention that she is having great results on the race course as well!!

Maggie Brooks: Maggie has been a GREAT leader this summer and right into the season – her teammates noticed it and insisted that I give her the award – Maggie, is a constant encourager on our team and is a HUGE part of why we are a TEAM and have fun together!!

Haley Chamberlin: Was chosen to go first from a very strong list of girls – the Captains and coaches all thought that Haley did a great job early in the season showing a LOT of confidence and really working hard to start the season. She worked very hard and had clearly made improvements this season – Others to keep an eye on because they were nominated as well: Neve, Lauren, and Christine

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