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What can I say other than this team is Amazazing!!!!!! (and yes that is spelled)

As I am writing this they still have not posted the results for the last race since the timer needed to get power (since his generator ran out of gas) so he is going to upload them from home.

Anyway – as of now… there are 15 PR’s in the races today – Pretty darn amazing – Now we won’t comment about how a bunch of girls ran their first 5k today so that was an automatic PR – but it sure was fun to watch girl after girl ran such amazing races today!!!

1st up today was our fab 5 JV girls – We had to make a last minute change as Lexi wasn’t feeling well to start the day so we swapped her and Marin to make sure she was ready to race and boy howdy was she. She started the day off well with a HUGE race. She ran a course PR of 2:01 and a lifetime PR of 1:01 – so proud of how hard she worked today and more importantly how hard she has been working since last year. Aven and Morgan race very competitive races with the girls around them and Morgan JUST missed a lifetime PR on this course by right about :10. Kelsey ran a strong 5k and established and nice PR and Maddie ran .3 sec faster than last year for this meet.. As a group the finished 7th out of 19 teams in this race.

Next up was our Frosh race and it was a RACE. As a group they were 2nd our of 6 teams just 14 points out of first. Grace led the pack early and really set the pace for our team – she ran such a smart race. Lilly and Melissa started a little bit back but just kept pushing through out the race – It came down to a kick and they finished 8-9-10 for us some of our highest finishes all day. Not to be outdone Cara ran a time that is probably ahead of what she ran for 2 miles on Wednesday. Reagan found today that 5000m is a tough race but she is also tough as she had a very nice first 5k ever. Annah started the day I think a little scared, but just kept moving through the pack the entire race and probably passed 10-12 girls after the halfway point of the race which is hard to do! All in all great races in our freshman race today and of course they all set new PRs as a first 5k.

Next up were our Varsity races, and they were highly competitive! In the first race there were 153 girls in the race. Our LAST girl in the race was 35th. Marin got back into the racing mode today with a :07 Lifetime PR!! She had such a tough race for what she has been able to do this season. Shasta was in hot pursuit and finished right behind her with a strong effort. Next up was Emily just 12 seconds behind that and closing fast over the last part of the race and making up a bunch of places. Maria continues her amazing run. She ran 25:40 as a freshman on this course – dropped to 22:45 last year, at the end of the year to 21:54 today. For a : 51 sec lifetime PR today!!! Jordie finished of our group in this way with a strong finish we had all day long. The other thing about this group is both Shasta and Jordie hit the 2 mile mark FASTER than they raced on Wednesday AND continued that pace over another 1.1 miles for strong PR’s today.

In the 2nd varsity race you saw some great racing by all 3 of the girls in this race. Bella had a strong race to finish 4th overall and get her first medal on a 5k course. It was fun to watch her move up and really compete with the girls around her. Naomi probably had the toughest run of the day – she was with a group of girls the whole way and they all traded places and I saw a number of bumps and elbow collisions within the group all day (not intentional) but Naomi just kept fighting and holding her own all day and finished on the Podium with a 14th place ribbon. Then came the dancing queen Kallie – who kept us all relaxed at the starting line with all of her epic dance moves. And then preceeded to race to a :24 second PR and a great finish in probably the fastest overall girls race of the day.

When we combined the 2 races we finished a very strong 6th place finish is a field of over 20. Had we run Gold today we would have finished 7th overall in the gold.

We are still waiting for the results of the last race of the day but we are pretty sure that both Lauren and Megan had pretty big PR’s today Megan’s could be as bis as 2 full minutes. I will update the post when I see that those times have been added. And give a PR total.

UPDATE: Lauren set a new lifetime PR buy 1:03 and broke her season goal already by 47 seconds!!!!
Megan, not to be out done set a lifetime PR of 2:13 and I will need to check and see if she passed her season goal as well – Amazing job ladies


We are hosting a meet on Thursday this week and would be highly appreciative of some meet help, The girls race at 3:45 and the boys at 4:15 (hopefully a MS race to follow) with many fewer teams than the invite a little help goes a long way.

Saturday – is our team Olympics and a fun day for everyone Parents if you want to come and take some pictures and/or help us run an event it would be GREAT as well.

As always if you have questions ask!! See you next week.

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South Sound Conference (SSC)meet @Shelton

Capital – Yelm – Timberline and Shelton @ Lake Isabella Park
I guess you can say we had another great day at the races  As it turned out we started 3-0 in the new league. We ended up with 27 points – Shelton 54 – Yelm 67 and Timberline 95. As you can tell we scored exactly half of the points of the 2nd place team – and that is without some of our top runners!!!

I have to say that I am extremely proud of our girls today – there were a number of times our team was complimented today by others. In the MS race as the girls ran to cheer on our girls to the finish line, one mom was heard to say –“ I will miss them they are such good cheerers” . Also the coach from Olympic College was excited to see how well we supported each other as a team and raced so well.

Anyway It is hard to compare times since we have not raced this distance or this course for a few years .
In 2014 they told us that the course was 3000m but I don’t remember any differences to the year. We had 3 girls run both times. Lauren came away with a :02 PR, Amanda came away with 1:18 PR and Maria continues to crush her times with a 1:50 PR. For a total of 3:10 improvement – really pretty good for just 3 people.
We competed so well today. I was particularly impressed with how Lexi, Emily, Melissa, Maddie and Nancy ran today. All of them moved up significantly from just last Saturday and were really competitive today. It is always fun to watch as we work so hard in practices and to see it pay off during races. Bella Led the team (and the race) claiming what I think is her first ever HS XC race victory. And then Lexi led that pack as we went 6-12th in the race, such a nice pack which will serve us very well in the future.
In the MS race – Emma had a great race so that closed off the sweep getting 1st place by putting together a great finish sprint to pull away at the end of the race. Grace got 3rd place in her very first XC race. Not a bad day I would say!!
Which brings us to Saturday – Here is the tentative placement for the girls on Saturday: I say Tentative because we have a few girls that are sick and if they can not run on Saturday we will move a few people around to cover – I will talk to the people that might move individually over the next 2 days so they can get be prepared. I only included the girls races and you can see the complete schedule by checking the link at bottom of the page

Bus LEAVES Capital 7:45 am
9:15 Youth 2K Race — Emma –Grace S.
10:20 Girls JV “team” Aven-Marin-Morgan-Kelsey-Maddie J.
11:10 Girls Freshman Lilly- Grace P- Melissa – Cara – Reagan – Annah-Paloma
12:20 Girls Silver Division Flight 1 (#’s 5, 6, 7, & 8) Shasta – Emily – Jordie- Maria
12:55 Girls Silver Division Flight 2 (# 1, 2, 3, & 4) Bella – Naomi – Kallie- Lexi
2:00 Girls JV race – Lauren – Phoebe – Amanda – Alina – Sarah – Sophia – Megan – Nancy – Izzie

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Capital Invite Recap

First I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to all the parents that helped out today!! With out you this meet would have never happened. I highly appreciate all the time that you gave us today!!

My oh my what a day – First off it was hotter than it has been the last few days and I was SUPER excited about how our girls handled the weather today and for most part we competed sooo hard to day and I am so proud of our girls.

Starting with Emma who was the 2nd girl in the middle school race !! Not bad for having some sore calves for the week!!

The freshman girls were pretty darn amazing today it is pretty rare that you get to see 3 girls that get medals but we got 4 today and almost 5! Shasta, Jordie, Lilly, Grace all got medals and Melissa was just 3 spots out! Such a great effort out of all those young ladies. As a matter of fact it was so spectacular that if we score the freshman race out our girls TAKE 1ST PLACE!!!! And our score was half the size of 2nd place (low score wins) – These girls can flat our RACE!!! All 8 of our girls really were able to run amazing today for the first time out.

In the sophomore race we had great races out of our girls again. Lexi started out and didn’t feel great but finished with an amazing push. I also think that Nancy started to figure out that she is going to be able to do this XC thing better than she thought at the beginning of the year. Kallie was our first girl to get to the awards podium with a 9th place finish and tremendous race

In the Junior race Naomi had a super smart race and kept moving up for the entire race and had her highest ever finish at Capital invite with a 4th place finish. And the rest of the Junior clan was pretty amazing as well you will see more about this group

Then came our seniors – Bella followed the race plan to the “T” and came award with a highly competitive 2nd place finish getting beat only by the girl that had the fastest time of the day and had the 4th fastest time of the day. For Sophia while it was not a lifetime PR she was just 12 seconds slower than she was at the END of the season last year and 2 min and 12 seconds faster than she ran at Capital Invite last year. Lauren was also just off of her PR on this course but significantly faster than last year at this meet.

We had a number of girls who set PR’s (Personal Records) – of course everyone who ran for the first time today set a new PR and we will be working on improving those from here on out!!!

Getting PR’s for our returners today: Fastest time EVER for this course
Maria had a :34 sec PR
Lexi was 1:17 faster
Kallie ran 2:20 faster
Megan ran a 3:02 PR – yes you read that correctly Megan ran 3 minutes and 2 seconds faster than she ran here last year!!!!

So just in 4 girls we had 7:13 seconds worth of PR’s to apply towards our goal!!

Next up: (for full schedule go here: http://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/School.aspx?SchoolID=503)

We have 2 meets next week – we will be racing @ Shelton on Wednesday with Yelm and Timberline. All 3 of these teams are in our League and we will be competing with them for the league championships. The race is VERY short and and is at Lake Isabella park in Shelton – if you go to athletic.net (http://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/Results/Meet.aspx?Meet=116673) and click on the Words lake Isabella state park you will get driving directions.

The girls will be running all in 1 race for this meet but our “Varsity – top 7“ for this meet will be in order: Bella, Naomi, Kallie, Maria, Shasta, Jordie, Lilly Congrats Ladies!!!!!!!! Last year at Capital invite if you ran 17:43 you made Varsity. this year that would not put you in the top 12 – Love how this team is working so hard TOGETHER!!!

On Saturday we will be traveling to the Fort Steilacoom Invite – this is a GREAT meet where we will find out where we sit as a team. There are usually about 50 HS teams competing here from all levels. It is going to be a great day – as today it is a long day.

A few quick things, since we have so many new people
1. We do expect ALL the girls to stay for the entirety of the day – They people that are competing early get support from the teammates and so should the people who compete late. Also, when we have girls on the awards podium I would hope that we are as loud for them as Auburn – Riverside was for their teammates today ☺ – also when it is a home meet – we need all hands on deck to help clean so I am not there for an extra 3-4 hours. I know it is not always convenient but it is the team and coach expectation.
2. Please girls make sure you keep track of your jackets – saw a few just laying around – other teams will pick them up if given the opportunity – I would HIGHLY recommend that you have a duffle bag of some sort to keep your stuff in.
3. For our meets this week – ALL girls will be on the bus to the meet – If you would like to take your daughter home after the meet is over you will need to sign the Meet release form I will have at the meet. It is just so I can show the school district that I released the athletes to a parent at the meet.

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Team Training T-shirts

At our meeting today – we came up with the idea of a motivational t-shirt. The idea is that every athlete could buy a basic shirt. Then over time they could earn badges, that I would provide, that we could iron onto the shirt.

We need to come up with a name for our group (that will go on the shirt)

Ideas for name on the shirt:
1. Capital Mile club
2. Capital up and running
3. “Vertical Running” (Think pitch perfect)

Here are the potential badges to earn:
1. Mileage you would get a badge when your run – 100 miles – 250 miles – 500 miles – 1000 miles…..
2. Get a PR badge at – 30 sec – 1 min – 2 min….
3. Get a badge for being MVT
4. Varsity for at least a race
5. Top 20 in a race at an invite (in any race)

So we need ideas for a logo and or a group name for our shirt. We also need also need to decide on what each “badge” would look like. Please feel free to contact me or any of the Captains (Inanna, Lauren, Morgan) about ideas or designs!!! The sooner we get ideas the sooner we can start getting these shirts.

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Well It was a beautiful day in Pasco WA. We had a relaxed morning but you could tell Naomi was ready to run!!! The morning started out cool and foggy and right before our 12:30 race time the weather took an uptick and actually got pretty warm.

The girls got a running stride analysis at the Brooks boat and then we were off to the races…..

For the 2nd week in a row you could really tell why Naomi is our team leader on the course. She got a great start today and really put herself in an awesome position at the mile mark. She was in a big pack of girls that were all pretty tight through out the race. They girls were moving well in that group and a lot of position changes were happening.

At the half way point you could tell that Naomi was tired but she was not going to stop competing at all. you could clearly see that when a girl tried to pass her that Naomi was competing very well today!!! At one point she and Molly from CK were locking horns and moving up in the pack, they were able to move up 3-4 spots.

Ultimately, Naomi had a very nice finish. She placed 30th, better than last year, and set a New lifetime PR. At this level the competition is quite high and Naomi answered the call and just had a tremendous outing today. She continues to improve and I believe we are about to see Naomi take a huge jump in her already steallar career. It will be fun for all of us to watch, that is for sure. With leadership like this how can we not improve? as individuals and as a team.

We are going to have a team meeting on Tuesday after school, talking about what it takes to get to “the next level” it is open to everyone! Our talk will focus of these areas:
1. How can each person get better ( focusing on big gains)
2. What is it going to take to make varsity
3. What will it take for us to get to state
Hope to see many dedicated ladies at this meeting !!! SPREAD the word – and please let me know if you are planning on coming. (We will help with rides if needed)

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The streak…..

So I have been asked about “the streak“ many times over the last few weeks – It has been an interesting ride, for sure. I really didn’t know what to think If it was too important to me or not.

At the risk of being a little too transparent, which might make some of you think a little less of me, but I try to be honest with my athletes and am going to be a little transparent here.

So First off let me give you a few statics about the streak:
There have been 174 women’s entries to the state meet for Capital HS made by 84 different girls. Girls that go more than 1 time count as multiple entries. Out of those 174, 104 have come during the streak, by 47 different girls. There were 12 girls that qualified for all for years, Ariel Taylor, Aviva Browning, Bailey Campbell, Brianne Wright, Eliza Ramsey, Emily Cedarbaum, Hannah Hartman, Katie Blue, Lauren Pierson, Madison Guscott, Necia Jerome, and Nicole Hartman. We had 19 girls qualify just 1 time during the streak.

In Capital HS history there have been 24 times a girls team has qualified for the state meet – the last 15 of those came in the streak. Only 1 team in 3A has qualified for the state meet more than Capital in history (Lakeside) and the 15 in a row would be in the 8th most in 3A history. Capital has qualified the 10th most of any school at any level.

The streak is tied for the 2nd longest in history of the state by a public school – there are 2 private schools at the top, but I won’t hide my feelings that they play by different rules and conditions than public schools. Only South Whidbey and South Kitsap have longer streaks (16 each) Sehome qualified this year to get to 15 and tie us.

So one of the questions I get is: “Well how do you think this streak happened” Well first and foremost I have been blessed with a huge number of great young ladies to coach. And while of course I can remember stories of some of them better than stories of others but I have some pretty great memories of all of them. My first year of coaching the girls team was 1999, before that I was the assistant coach to Coach Miller, but he was the head coach and decided to let me coach the girls. 1999 was also the first year, since I had been at Capital, that we were 4A – it was a BIG jump in competition from where we were at and we were quite ready for the jump. Also, our top runner that year, Alyssa Ferdaszweski (now Vogt) had gotten a really bad sprained ankle towards the end of the season – she possibly would have qualified as an individual, but I did not let her run at the district meet because there was a lot of sand and going up and down curbs and I was afraid she would re-injure her ankle and ruin her basketball season – she was an amazing player who went on to a very successful career including college. I don’t think she ever forgave me for that, but I would make the same decision again. The very next year our girls worked very hard and it helped we got a freshman named Necia who was pretty talented herself. Our team leader that year was senior Lindsey Thompson, who I still see running the Lakefair run every few years.

We had girls like Emily Cedarbaum who every year just got better to hold her spot on the team and kept the streak alive.

We had some good teams but we just normally held on and hoped for the best, there were a few years where we were “lucky” to get in – we ran decent but another team totally folded an we took advantage. In 2002 a young lady named Ariel Taylor showed up and over the course of her time in our program she helped us change the culture that you really had to work hard to make goals and starting to “expect to make state” not hope to make state. Although I did have to invent the “too much information shield” for anytime Ariel and Katie got together and decide they were going to try and get me to blush or something. I do think that Meredith more than once encouraged them! Oh and the creation of “the spanker “ which is still around today and is a big part of team lore

In 2006 and 2007 we had our 2 best teams to date and had it not been for a unfortunate dehydration issue in 2006 we would have been on the podium for the first time in school history but we did get our first individual on the podium (during the streak) as Amanda raced to a 5th place finished and followed up with a 7th place the next year. I do have to say that the 2007 season will be one of my all time favorite memories as both of my girls ran on the team together and we were the district champions that year, our first of the streak.

About this time we could tell that the streak was something and the girls didn’t want to “be that team” that broke the string but it also started the time where I noticed as a coach that the team leadership was something that really made a difference to team performance. I started to try and start to focus in on our leaders early – try and encourage leadership in the things they do and let them just be what they were – great leaders. We had a number of very good leaders but there are a few that really stood out to me as excellent. Among the first was Brianne Wright and then we had Caitlin Hartman, Eliza Ramsey and Lauren Pierson. These girls were not only good competitors but they were also great in the way that they watched out for their teammates, and were excellent in the classroom as well.

The last few years have been the most successful. We won 2 district titles and brought home 2 state trophies. We placed multiple girls on the podium at as individuals and won a state academic championship or 2 along the way. Our teams grew from averaging 15-20 girls a year to averaging 30 (most of that to the great leadership of the girls on the team) In 2012 we had the “fastest team” of Lauren Pierson, Hannah Hartman, Nicole Hartman, Christine Maggi, Payton McGuin and Eliza Ramsey. The 2013 team was close to stealing the title but didn’t quite get there.

So how did it happen? Well I guess it just did. We had some great ladies as I said but after awhile we just had a shared purpose and some highly motivated young ladies that worked together as a team.

I got a bunch of questions questions about what did it mean you to in some form or another. I actually have 2 strong thoughts on the matter.

1. This is the selfish part – it got to the point where I thought that if we got to 16-17-18 it would earn me a spot in the XC coaches Hall of fame. Being as that I have not won a state championship that pretty much all the other coaches have won. It kind of became who I was as a coach, the coach that always gets to state. Respected by some but others had the attitude of “well what did his teams do when he got there”. It was a way that people could respect me. It actually might have become too much of what focus on.
2. This is the team part – I got to see many young ladies learn to work together, work hard, and battle towards a common goal. I got to see young immature freshman develop into strong, independent young ladies ready to take on the world. Many have moved on to great things – There are doctors – lawyers – business women – world travelers – teachers – and just about everything in between. Some of my greatest memories come from the girls who email me even now – hey coach, I ran my first marathon – Hey coach I am getting married can’t wait for you to meet my fiancé. Hey coach I have been following the team and they look like they are really improving (for those of you pre-2007 people you will never know love hate relationship that we have with athletic.net) Seeing alumni like Katie Blue and Courtney Strong stop by meets or practices over the years to support people following in their legacy.
3. The Individuals – we have many young ladies from through the years that never once ran a varsity race but had a big part of the streak – The Wells twins who always did XC to get in shape for bball but worked hard and encouraged those girls around them to work hard and it spread up the line – to Megan Haughton, who was one of our best team Captains who I probably should have listed above. The fact that these ladies weren’t on the varsity teams that qualified but still contributed is awesome to me – there are clearly other people that should be on the list.

The last question I got a lot yesterday: are you upset the streak is over.

To be honest I had to spend a little time alone yesterday after I knew – I didn’t want to come across as upset or To be honest I had to spend a little time alone yesterday after I knew – I didn’t want to come across as upset or disappointed in this group of young ladies. This group is a great group of ladies who works VERY hard – I had to pull many girls off of workouts this year because they were working too hard and I was afraid they were going to get hurt or get over use injuries – they support each other and cheer for each other like non other. Did we run perfect – no – but we ran well enough to get there and just got beat by better teams on that day. This was not a story about the girls that were there. We have had girls move away and a few girls that made commitments to this team and then chose not to follow through on those commitments – The girls that we went to districts with are the girls I wanted to go to districts with because of their heart and passions – the one I feel for is Rachel who unfortunately got hurt and couldn’t run for us at districts – but yet was there all week to support the team and did everything she could at the district meet to get them ready. It is a great testament to this group of ladies to get through as much as we have with injuries and other distractions and still be as close as we were – many of my coaching friends wanted me to pass on how proud you should be of yourselves after all that we have been through – most teams don’t even do as well as we did. Naomi Reyes, Kallie Kidder, Inanan McCartry, Marin Farrell, Aven Hart, Maria Smoot, Lexi Solis, and the injured Rachel Knutzen, you should all be proud of what you accomplished this year! I am very proud of you and even though only Naomi gets to run at state – she is there representing all that you stand for – hard work – team work – and racing to the best of your ability. She is a great representative of all of you and will do everyone and herself proud at the state meet.

We will be back – We get everyone that ran at the district meet back and based on reactions 2016 will be year one of a new streak – who knows – it might be a record before it is over. All I know is each year I feel like I have a new all stars and some-check that many of these young ladies feel like they could be my daughters. My extended family if you will. I never know whether or not I should give people hugs but I wish I could give everyone one of the over 200 girls that have run for me over the last 16 years a hug. Each of you has affected me positively and helped me develop in to the coach I have become – I hope that you all have as many fond memories as I do and I wish that I could have mentioned everyone that has ever run for me. But if I do run into I would love a hug and maybe a message back about some great memories you have.

Thanks for reading – it’s taken me forever and a few tears of happiness and I remember some great people and great stories. Sorry if it rambles too much or hard to understand

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District meet

All good things must come to an end.

Well the streak is over, it lasted 15 years and it was a great run. More on that later ( sometime in the week)

When it comes to the race yesterday there were a ton of good things that went down. And NO, I am not talking about the rain that fell all day long!! First off the support group that came up to cheer on the guys and gals was AWESOME!!!!! They were loud and into it!! Thanks for coming and being a great support group ☺

When the gun went off we were ready to go, and we got a very good start to the race. As the race unfolded unfortunately the teams we were fighting against had a little bit better finish than we did. But the day was NOT with out some great efforts.

Lexi was able to recover enough from last week’s injuries to be able to scrap out a solid race. Maria running in her first championship varsity race also had a fine race from start to finish. She was ranked 88th in the district coming in and was able to finish 75th. Some of those gains were from girls that didn’t qualify but still represents a nice improvement.

Early in the race we needed someone to make a move to get the team going and Marin made that move which really helped Inanna get in the race an have a great day – probably the best race of the day for our team. Inanna was ranked 57th coming and raced to a strong 44th and was still moving up in the race until at least the last 800m (Last time I got to see them on the course). The whole field was off of last week’s times by about 60-90 seconds based on terrible conditions but Inanna was only 44 seconds off of her best time, showing GREAT determination and true heart in this race.

Kallie, started the day with a sore calf/Achilles, but you would never know it. He had her tough solid run like we have come to expect from Kallie. She started out in the mid 40’s for place moved herself up to about 28 or 29 but finished 32 just 2 spots out of qualifying for state. She will be an alternate but in XC very few alternates get to race. She was also just 45 seconds off of last weeks time.

That leaves us with Naomi, who after struggling a little last week, put together, quite possibly the smartest race I have ever seen her run. Got a solid start, and consistently was on the attack against the girls that started out to fast, and just kept going. The last half mile she was in an epic battle with the girl from Fort Vancouver, who ended up just barely beating Naomi, but they moved past at least 3-4 other girls in the last mile and one of them right at the last home stretch. She finished a VERY strong 7th in a tough district that is going to see a number of girls on the podium at state next week. Naomi will be going to and look to improve on her 33rd place 19:39 finish from last year. If she runs any where near as tough as she did at this meet I am pretty sure you will see improvements in both areas.

This week:

Well we still have practice and would love to see many girls out there this week to keep Naomi and Kallie company. TUESDAY – We are going to do a timed mile for our workout – would love it if a few girls would 1. Like to come see where you are for a mile and 2. Maybe come out and pace Naomi or Kallie for one lap to help push them or pace them for just a lap – might not seem like much to you but it is a HUGE help to them ☺ You might not be able to keep up for a full mile but you can for a lap

Wednesday evening is our banquet: We will start at about 5:45 with food and start awards at about 6:00 We will do some group awards and then break and head into the theater and do our girls individual awards there.

For food – bring something to share and probably a drink for yourself – whatever people bring is what we will eat – If everyone brings main dishes that is what we will eat (BTW the last few years we have been a little short on those)

Friday We will be leaving for state

Saturday Racing at state.

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3 reminders

3 things:
1. 17 girls have voted please get yours in http://goo.gl/forms/SvU8BIcb11
2. Please remember to get your Senior notes to me by Wednesday.
3. For those of you who are done. Please clean your uniforms and get them back to me as soon as possible.

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Bruce Newman Memorial MS race

Since the HS girls didn’t get to see this pretty much everyone missed out! Our girls were awesome today. Grace finished 1st (2nd year in a row) Melissa was 2nd and Emma was 4th!

From the start this was a great race for all 3 girls – Grace got right to the front with the lead boys and was strong all the way through. You could tell she is still struggling will getting over the cold she has had, but I was really impressed with the determination and the strength that she showed through out the whole race ane was able to still power through the finish.

Melissa started a little slow – until they hit the first turn and boom she was gone. For the entire rest of the race she was moving up and I think only 1 boy passed her back by the finish. Her middle section of the race was so strong and she was just hitting her stride when they came up to the finish. She finished in 10:37 today and I am pretty sure she will looking forward to the 2.5 mile + races she will be in next year.

Emma started with Melissa and even though Melissa was able to pull away a little bit, Emma never let her get out of eye shot and was really closing in on the 3rd place girl right up until the finishing kick. Comparing times from the beginning of the year Emma has taken off about 2 minutes for a 1.5 mile course running 11:12 today.

Nice job ladies!!!!

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Narrows League Championships

So where to start? Well lets start with our JV girls because they ran first. First I want to say to Elsa and Sophia(9th) that we missed you today – sorry you got sick on the day of league ☹

So for the Narrows league we run the 4A and the 3A JV teams together so that we can make sure they is enough girls in the race to have a quality race. Well it was a pretty spectacular race – we were 4th overall – just 10 points out of 2nd AND we were by far the top 3A school. If each of our top 5 JV girls were just 5 secs faster we would have been right up in 2nd -just to show you how close it was – We ran AMAZING!

As far as the girls individually 19 girls ran lifetime or season bests. Yes 19!!! There was some GREAT racing going on.

Season Bests:
Erika ran 1:06 faster than the Fort Steilacoom invite, the first 5k on this course –
Amanda ran 3:34 faster than the Fort Steilacoom invite, the first 5k on this course
Lauren ran 1:15 faster…
Sarah ran 2:33 faster…
Hannan ran :25 faster…
Amy ran 2:55 faster…
Anya was 1:37 faster….
Morgan was 1:08 faster…

Almost all of these girls had their 2nd fastest lifetime result today!!! So JUST out of this group we dropped 14:38 from the first 5k of the season to today that is in just 32 days!!!!

Life time bests today:
Sarah ran a 2:33 PR today
Robyn had a 2:44 improvement for the season which is a :31 lifetime best and her first time under 28:00 !!!!! AWESOME
Maddie had a 1:13 improvement from the first meet this year
Audrey was screamin to another goal time and ran 25:01 a 1:02 improvement for this season but 1:47 faster than last years PR!!!!
Megan ran a 1:41 improvement and NO BLOODY NOSE!
Maria :27 season improvement but that represents a 2:02 faster than her PR last year!!!
Skylar had a :24 season improvement which is a :43 lifetime improvement!
For Alina this was her first 5k due to joint issues but finished strong right with the girls who had nice PR’s today and for the season

So for the season we had improvements of 10:04 for the season but Lifetime PR’s of – 10:30 for lifetime PR’s!

So combined the girls in the JV race improved a total of 24:42 in 32 days! That time would put someone literally right in the middle of our team for a 5k pr – so as a team you could say we improved by 3.1 miles over the course of the season. (32 days actually)

On to the Varsity race – which was one of the most dramatic races I have ever been a part of. Understand that you HAVE to have 5 girls cross the finish line to get a team score. Just about a mile into the race Rachel had to drop out, which we knew was a possibility but we were hoping it wouldn’t happen. About a half a mile after that Lexi unfortunately also had to drop out due to significant pain. These girls have had a TREMDOUS season up until today so I feel REALLY bad for them and the timing of the injuries. Up until the stopping point both were having tremendous races.

This puts a lot of pressure on the other girls to really run well. Naomi led us all the way picking up a very nice 3rd place finish today. Marin, after recovering from a hamstring injury (hard to train with) ran a :32 season best today, closing in on her lifetime best. Inanna, who to be honest, didn’t feel well at all on our workout on Monday but still managed to run a small Lifetime PR or :02. Right there with her was Aven who had a great start to todays race and really helped place her teammates in a great position got a :01 pr. But the big race of the day came from Kallie who ran a :33 PR today and really helped carry the team score with a STRONG 9th place finish today!! In this league any time you can be in the top 10 that is a very nice race.

Inanna has improved 1:19 this season, Aven :39, Marin :32 and Kallie didn’t even finish the race last time we were here. So they add ANOTHER 2:30 bringing our total improvement for the season of 27:12 – in yes, just 32 days!

So with our 5 girls we were 2nd place, moving on to the district meet. We race next on HALLOWEEN, At American lake golf course in Lakewood (about 10 min or less from where we raced today) At this point in time Naomi, Kallie, Aven, Inanna, Marin, Maria, and Erika will be racing for us until we find out more on our injured girls. Morgan and Maddie have earned spots as our alternates. Congrats to all these ladies for moving on. Next week the top 6 teams and 30 individuals will be moving on to the state meet, if we are in those numbers we move on, if not we will finish our season. BTW if you plan on coming and watching (I encourage that you do) know that it costs to get into this meet. (more information to come)

For the girls who are done competing – PLEASE clean and return your uniforms as soon as possible. You are welcome to come to run with the girls that are continuing and I will encourage it – We will be starting at 2:40 from here on out, still in the Mezz.

Thank you Parents for all your support over the course of the season, can’t wait to see you all at the Banquet. I want to take this chance again to say how priviledged I feel to be allowed to work with this group of ladies. They work so hard, support each other so well and just continue to make me proud.

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