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Sweats – buy now and buy fast

Here is the link to the “store” to get sweats.

You only have until Thursday evening to order.

Ibuy for Capital HS

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Meet #2 @South Kitsap

a few things to look forward to as we travel to SK

This should be another really good meet for us.  Good competition from the other schools helping us get better.


There is no cover there so make sure you are prepared for the wet and/or cold. (it is fairly protected from the wind)

know your order of events

Athletes and Parents

Remember – athletes can only leave with their own parents. AND the parent has to sign the athlete out with me AT THE END OF THE MEET.

The expectation from the district is that student ride on the bus to and from meets.


We will be having practices over spring break.  I would like to know if athletes are going to be gone on vacation with family just so we know what to expect.  We will NOT be having practice every day.  We try to have each event group get in 3 practices.  We also have a meet at the end of spring break (the Tacoma invite) Which will provide many kids with a chance to compete.

As always if you have any questions please let me know

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Meet #1

What a great, great, GREAT outing.  We got beat by Olympia but CRUSHED Central Kitsap.

I was extremely happy about how all the girls stepped up an competed today.  Not all the times and marks were perfect but remember the goal was to compete and we did that VERY well.

a few things that really stuck out to me.

1. Our distance girls ROCK!!!!!!!!!  Aviva wins the 3200 and then we went 3,4,5 !!  Eliza won the 1600 in her first track meet since 5th grade and Brianne and Nicole also ran Very well.  In the 800 Madison had a great day and again Aviva proved how tough she is.

2.  Our new comers in the sprints are going to be pretty good.  Logan, Rachel C., Stef, and Charli all had a great day in one event or another.

3.  The jumpers did a very good day!!  Camielle and Angela did great in our horizontal jumps and Elana and Maddie did a very nice job in the HJ – especially since we have had 3 practices.

4.  Throwers – sorry I didn’t get to talk to you more.  but I here that Jessica had a nice PR in the Shot.  I will make sure I check in more next meet.

5.  Relays – well lets just say that they will get better!

anyway great job today except on one thing.  CHECKING out!

Remember you must ALWAYS CHECK OUT WITH ME.  and you need to be at the meet until the end.  That means EVERYONE!!!!!!  If your parents have a problem they can come check with me.


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Thank you to Rachel Crowe who informed me the record page wasn’t working.

It is now!!!!!

- – - On the record page you can download (a PDF file) our entire record book.  I hope you take a look for your events.

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Welcome – Welcome – Welcome

Thanks for stopping by :) We have a few things to let you know about

1. If you want to be on an e-mail list to send information please contact me at and just say please add to track list. I will put you on. I used to have a list but it has been deleted.

2. We need a little help in 3 areas.
– A. We need a cardboard tube – like the middle of the new role of carpet. We need to send some Javelins to be repaired and that is the best cheapest way.

– B. If there is anyone who has some wood working skills, some of our boxes we use with our jumpers are getting old and worn out and if we could make some new ones to add to our collection it would be great.

– C. Meet help – we may need some extra help from parents on our home meets (at Ingersol) so if you might possibly be able/willing to help. please let us know!!

For the new parents/athletes I look forward to meeting all of you and getting to know you.

See you at the track!!!!

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