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Meet vs Timberline

Well we came up a little short on the score board today :( BUT I didn’t expect to win. We didn’t load up our events and purposefully held out many people for health reasons today and with all of that we only lost by 19 points AND if I put in some of our normal marks for people we make up more than 12 points with just 3 people.

Anyway here are the highlights as I see them

#1 Neve had another HUGE PR in the mile getting to 7:07 That is 1 full minute in the season that is not over yet – that just doesn’t happen

#2 We had a first today – well actually 2 :) Hannah and Nicole Hartman won events on the same day for the first time today – Hannah in the 3200 and Nicole in the 1600 both running great PR’s

#3 It was a TON of fun to watch the 400 today seeing some GREAT efforts by 5 of our young ladies. I was very proud of the efforts of all 5 of you! Nice job Rachel, Charli, Payton, Victoria and Marissa

#4 Many girls tried new events today!! (sorry if I miss any) Rachel C in the HJ, Camiele and Angela in the Jav, Julia in the Long jump, Marissa, Victoria and Payton in the 400 (first open run)

#5 Madison ran her annual 800 and ran the 2nd fastest time in the league so far – and Kim moved up to #4

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This week – Previews

We have a League meet against Timberline on Thursday and then we are off to the Shelton Invite on Saturday for those who qualify.

Timberline is our last Narrows league dual meet – it will be at South sound stadium. It should be a good day for us :) The meet starts at 3:30!!

For Shelton – we enter anyone we want and they take the top 16 people that enter for every event, except the frosh/soph events they have – they only take 8 in those events. We have to make entries by Tuesday night and they tell us who got accepted on Wednesday – which will probably affect what event people will be competing in on Thursday.

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Oregon Relays 2012 version

I don’t think I know enough positive great words to talk about this meet and how well we performed!!

Here are some of the highlights and yes I need to apologize ahead because I am sure I will miss someone –

Here were my highlights in no particular order

1. Aviva continues to have an outstanding senior campaign – Placing 8th in a VERY tough 3000m race, and lowering her 3000 time by over 10 seconds

2. The Distance Relay – put together a GREAT run lowering our time from last week by 11 seconds. Nicole, Charli, Eliza, and Kim all put forth great splits

3. Lauren ran what was converted to her 2nd fastest 3200m, even after having 6 staples put in this week

4. Haley – had a HUGE pr in the 100m which inspired

5. The 4×100 ran almost 1.8 seconds faster than last week!!! That is a HUGE PR in just one week – Nice job Mary Agnes, Haley, Payton and Stefanie on such a great race – and the Hand offs were just GREAT!!!!

6. Then Mary Agnes had another GREAT 100 in the open. Lowering her time by .3 seconds – which is a HUGE PR in the 100

7. The Sprint Medley also had some great performances, Stef, Madison, Rachel and Nicole – all running very good splits.

8. Camiele had her season best Triple jump literally 1 minutes before she sprinted over to the start of the 300 hurdles running a quality race there and having to return to the Triple

9. Hannah and Kim worked together real well in the 1500 to both come away with times that were better than their see times! The last 500m for both of them was outstanding as they moved past all the girls around them.

10. The 4×400 had a little trouble on a hand off but oh my goodness did all 4 of these young ladies compete sooo Hard. Charli, and Rachel – both had their fastest splits of the year. It was a very exciting race right down to the very end with Madison edging out the team from Marist – whose coaches just seemed to be standing right next to me – it was fun for both of us.

All in all I hope everyone had a GREAT time!! your level of competition was spectacular – almost every single person placed higher than they were seeded or hit a PR! That is what I just an OUTSTANDING meet!!

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vs Lincoln

Another very nice competition today for the lady cougars

We had 18 season/Personal bests today!!!

Some notable efforts today in attempting new events
Madison in the 100m
Aubrey in the 300′s
Daphne in the 400
and Haley, Payton, Marissa, Victoria in the 4×400 (whose time was the 2nd fastest 4×400 for the team this year!)

All of these ladies were VERY impressive in new and challenging events for them. I am very happy about how they all stepped up and filled in for the team.

I am also VERY happy about how everyone stepped up and helped put stuff away today – the coaches appreciate it soooooo much!

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Oregon Relay names

This is who Oregon Selected – We got almost all the girls in.

100m Mary Agnes
100m Frosh – Haley Chamberlin
200m Stef Taylor
400m Madison Guscott
800m Nicole Hartman
1500m Aviva Browning, Kim Farrar, Hannah Hartman
3000m Aviva Browning, Christine Maggi
3000 m Frosh – Lauren Pierson
100mh Aubrey Cronk
300mh Camiele Cleveland
Triple jump Camiele Cleveland
Shot Put Jessica Clemons
4×100 – Mary Agnes, Haley Chamberlin, Payton McQuin, Stef T, Aubrey, Camiele
4×400 – Charli Greene, Hanna Crow, Rachel Crowe, Madison G, Eliza Ramsey, Aviva
Sprint Med – Stef T, Madison G, Charli G, Nicole H, Eliza R, Mary Agnes
Distance Med – Kim F, Rachel C, Nicole H, Lauren P, Eliza R, Hannah H

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Tacoma Invite

What a great day :) The weather was AMAZING and we had some GREAT performances.

Start the day with the Distance Medley relay:
Nicole, Hanna C, Eliza, and Christine beat our seed by 4 spots and bring home a third!

Aviva ran a season record in the 1600 buy 12 seconds and an overall PR of 4 seconds. She is now #4 on the senior list and #9 all time

Madison – had a excellent 400

Jessica – had a 7 inch PR in the Shot put moving her up to #9 all time as well

Nicole moved up 2 spots in the 800 with a new PR.

Camiele was well on her way to a PR in the 300 hurdles but that pesky last hurdle got in the way – but she still posted her 2nd best time ever!!

Lauren broke 12:00 for the first time in the 3200 a HUGE accomplishment as a freshman. Becoming just the 5th freshman to ever do it at Capital.

The 4×400 of Charli, Aviva, Rachel, Madison all set season bests in the relay and lowered our time by 11 seconds for the season

Great competition today – Glad to see everyone out there competing so hard!!

Next up : Lincoln at Home!!

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Meet @ Shelton

We had a good day today especially considering we are coming off of Spring break.

We got one new entry in the record book today (well actually 2)

Nicole ran her way to #14 all time in the 3200 and puts her at #7 sophomore list!!

Aviva moved up from #5 senior to #4 senior today with a new PR in the 3200 as well.

I We had 32 season records today!! yes I said 32 that is just outstanding!! Some of those were overall PR’s – 19 to be exact!!


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This week

We have 2 meets this week :)

Wednesday we are at Shelton in a three way meet with Olympia
(out of class at 1:35 – bus at 1:45)

Saturday we are at the Tacoma Invite – We are only allowed 1 person per event –
We are NOT taking a bus you parents will need to drive – if you have questions please contact me.

I will post the people entered as soon as we know for sure who is in which event

Here is the schedule they have given us

Also – if you have not please check for our schedule – EVERYONE should know what our schedule is!!

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