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District heat sheets

Here are the district heat sheets if you want to look at them


Enjoy but don’t freak out!!!

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District schedule

I handed these out at practice but I decided that it should be here as well.


See you all on Friday/Saturday :)

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How can you not be excited about how things went to day – We had a TON of great efforts today and a few little road blocks!!

We had 24 – count them 24, marks that were PR’s today – Highlighted _IMO- but the 200 where all 4 girls set a PR.

We had 5 champions today:
Kim, Madison, Nicole x2, and the 4×400 relay

We had some big jumps in times on the track:
Aubrey in the 300′s ran a big 2 full seconds PR and a solid PR in the 100 Hurdles
Payton ran close to perfect 400 in route to a 2.5 sec PR
Hannah and Christine were able to get 2 PR’s each – first in the 1600 and came back with another in the 3200.

In the Field events we also had some very nice PR’s
Jessica in the shot
Rachel and Daphne in the HJ

and for those of you who missed it we had 2 just AMAZING performances today that were just outstanding and that is probably not giving them enough credit.

First off we have to talk about Kim. and for those of you who saw it you know what I am talking about.

She came in with with a PR of 5:38.5, which she has done twice, her goal today was to hold onto the leaders until the last lap, which she did. and that last lap was great. She pulled to the front and just kept going, racing her way to her first league championship in a time of 5:20!! yes an 18 sec PR.

That time puts Kim #7 all time in the 1600 and the #3 Freshman time behind an eventual state champion and Madison!!

Outstanding effort #2 goes to Haley!!

He had the hard job of going between the Triple jump and the Discus which are like the 2 farthest apart events that you could do at Yelms facility. She first jumped in Prelims and qualified for Finals – Ran over the the Disc, and qualified for Finals there. After a few rough throws in Finals she stepped up and threw a 7 foot PR, yes 7 feet!!! Her throw of 97′-5″ puts her #16 all time in the disc and # 10 on the Junior list!! Then she sprinted (literally) back over to the Triple jump to take her final 3 jumps!!

When you next see these 2 you should congratulate them – those are huge efforts, that are really, truly spectacular!!!!

District Qualifiers
400m Madison – Payton is Alt
800m Nicole – Kim
1600m Kim – Lauren
3200m Nicole – Lauren
300 H – Camiele
4×100 – Mary Agnes, Haley, Payton, Stef – plus alternates
4×200 – Mary Agnes, Rachel, Haley, Stef – plus alternates
4×400 – Charli, Kim, Rachel, Madison – plus alternates
Long jump – Angela
Triple Jump – Camiele

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We are going to have an ALL-TEAM dinner – EVERYONE is invited!!

It is going to be at the Chases house on Thursday night – we will probably start right around 5:00.

If you are currently not coming to practice then go ahead and Let coach Wright know if you coming so we can make sure we have enough food.

please bring Drinks or bread :)

you can mapquest directions:

The Chase’s
5927 Harmony Ln SW
Olympia, WA  98512

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Shaner Invite

What a great, GREAT night.

I am sooo proud of everyone. I had 2 coaches, (Oly and Timberline) who walked up to me and said “your girls are competing so well tonight”. That always makes me proud of all of you.

We had 18 count them 18 Pr’s tonight. That is soooo huge in an event like this.

The meet started off with a PR by 4×200 relay team of Mary Agnes, Stefanie, Rachel and Madison then, Rachel in the HJ, a PR, by Angela AND Camiele in the LJ. another by Haley in the Disc. Then the most amazing run of the day by Nicole, Aviva and Hannah in the 3200. They went 1,2, 6 :)

That was followed by PR’s in the 100, Mary Agnes, PV – Anna, TJ Camiele, 300′s Camile. Jav – Madison Shot -Jessica.
Season bests in the 1600 Eliza, Christine, 800 Eliza,

We ended the day the way we started with a new season best in the 4×400 as Charli, Kim, Rachel and Madison took another 2+ seconds off of the time they ran just a week ago!!

Again I am so proud of all of the girls tonight – my respect for the way you compete goes up every meet. Next week is going to be a great meet for us!!

Keep up the good work – relax where you can this weekend and I will see you on Monday.

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