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Record book update

Here is a list of who has placed their name in the record book so far in 2013:

Lauren - #17 overall and #8 as a Sophomore
Christine – #24 overall and #8 Senior
Hannah is the #10 Junior

Christine is the #10 overall and #6 Senior
Lauren is the #5 Sophomore

Triple Jump:
Haley has jumped on the list at #23 overall and #9 Senior
Camiele is the #5 Junior

is the #20 overall #10 Junior on the list

Pole Vault
Hansi moved onto the list tied for #11 overall and the #5 Senior
Anna is the #4 Senior

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Meet results for WFW, River Ridge

There are WAY too many things for me to be excited about so I will make sure I can hit as many as possible before we

First of all: as a TEAM we had 52, yes 52 Season best (SB) efforts today!!!! That is a HUGE number that you just don’t see at this point of the season. I am highly impressed with how we competed today and SOO proud of all of you.

The other great team news is WE WON THE MEET!!!! We had 80 River Ridge 73 and Chehalis (WFW) 36. We scored in 16 out of 18 events !!! and in 12 those we had at least 2 people score. That ladies is how you win a dual meet!!!

Here are the highlights from today:
Stand outs:
Camiele had a great day in the Triple jump, High Jump, and 300 hurdles setting SB’s in all of them.
Alina had bests in EVERY event she did today :)
Eliza had 2 SB’s in the 1600 and 800
Hannah did the same
Carolina in her first ever triple jump, just missed getting in the all time list in that event
Hansi had bests in both the Pole Vault and a 4 sec. pr in the 400m!!!
Torie had bests in both hurdle races today

You can find complete results here:

There were many more but I am gettting tired – sorry! I will check the record book and update who is in. and put it in another post probably tomorrow!!!

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1st home meet

a few things leading in to Wednesday’s home meet.

1. We are at Capital for the meet
2. Official start time is 3:45
3. We could still use a few helpers at the meet. If you can help please let us know (no need to contact us again if you already have) We could use help there at 3:30

4. Even though it is a home meet it is still a meet and I expect ALL the girls there at the end of the meet.

5. This is our first Evergreen conference meet and the outcome helps decide the league championship. We will be competing against both WF West and River Ridge on Wednesday

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Home meet Next Wednesday

We are in real need of some parent help at our first home track meet on Wednesday the 27th.

We could have you do anything from writing to measuring jumps to timing to putting up the HJ bar.

The meet starts at 3:30 and we would need you there by about 3:15. Please message me if you can help. also include a preference of where you would like to help (if you have one)


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Meet 2 vs Shelton and Timberline

Another good day on and around the track!!! I am continually amazed by our young ladies and how the work and support each other.

We do not have full results but they will be uploaded tomorrow some time.

Here are the highlights I remember. (without having the results to refer back to)

Early events started out with some craziness, but we got off to a good start.

In the High jump, Ellie Becker had a 4″ pr today going 4-4 in just her second meet.
Christine had a GREAT 3200 today winning the event with like a 40 second PR!!!!!
Just a few events later Lauren won the 1600.

For the first time in like 8 years we had 2 girls clear a height in the Pole Vault, Anna Belford and Hansi Willoughby, both got legal marks today!

Payton McGuin won the 800 – which I believe is her first ever win :)

I didn’t get to see much of the throws today sorry ladies, but I know with the wind that the Javelin was a VERY tough event today

All in all it was a great day capped off by our 4×400 team of Payton, Hannah Hartman, Nicole Hartman, and Kim Farrar sealing the day with a win!!

Next week we start our league schedule at home vs River Ridge and WF West. Hope to see you there! (especially since we could use a bunch of help to run the meet)

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Lakes Jamboree

What a great day for our young ladies – I am soo proud of how well everyone competed today. It was a great day for the cougs! and it was great to see such a high amount of parental support. I always like it when you say hi at the meets. I might be quick because I am off to see someone else but please introduce yourself if we haven’t met yet.

You can see full results on If you click on “Capital” on the blue bar you can see full results for the full season.

Anyway here are the things that caught my eye today.

1. The team was GREAT supporting each other today. As a coach who values “TEAM” it warmed my heart to see everyone cheering and checking in on each other.

2. EVERYONE competed VERY hard, and we had 24 girls do events they had NEVER done at the at the high school level before. I love the courage that everyone showed today – stepping out into something new. I would love to list everyone here but it would take too long. But I am particularly proud of Amanda S, Savanah M, Preethi M, and Thanh D., who were all very nervous before the meet but made me proud to be their coach with their efforts today.

Event Highlights:

We won 2 events today

Bailey Young won the Shot put – at her FIRST EVER HS MEET. and she only started practicing it this week

and in the Javelin

Drew Rothengas won the event at her FIRST EVER HS MEET and her throw make her #21 all time in the history of Capital HS (the records you can find by clicking on the “records” tab above!

2nd was Haley Vick and to Round out the top 3 was Lisa Chong Who was in the #25 position until Drew threw and moved her off the list. I have no doubt that she will move back on in the very near future.

Lauren Pierson set a new PR in the 800 at 2:37.

Christine Maggi moved to #9 all time Senior in the 1600 today and got a PR in both the 1600 and the 800.

Angela Lin jumped a full foot (12″) farther in the long jump today than she did in the first meet last year.

Now that we have marks and times, we know where we are and have something to shoot for in the coming weeks. Next week we are competing at South sound stadium (N. Thurston hs campus) against Timberline and Shelton. Hopefully we can see even more parents there.

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Coach Wright expectations

I thought I should let everyone know, in writing what my expectations are for the girls track and field program at Capital. For the most part they are very simple.

For those of you who care I have attached them for you to read.

Thanks for all you do

Kevin Wright

TF Expectation 2013_athletes

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Team sweats order – UPDATE

If you are planning on purchasing team sweats then you need to order ASAP

We are running up on the deadline – Wednesday at Midnight!!

Please jump online and order if you are intending to get sweats

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Booster club auction

The booster club auction is FAST approaching!!!!

it is a fun event – please consider attending. I have attached an RSVP form for you to use:


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Ordering Team sweats

Here is a link to purchase team sweats or T-shirts.

These are by NO MEANS required. These are only if you choose to buy them. They are yours to keep. If family members also want to buy items, please feel free :)

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