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Meet #1

We had great day ladies I am so proud of you today!!!

First off: The NT coach left me a message when I got home about how much he appreciated all the girls stepping up and helping with the hurdles and other things. It’s nice to see you step up on our first meet to start reaching our team goals. Hoping to start to see it become habit soon with out needing to be reminded.

On to the results:
After a 4×200 ran a very respectable time, but unfortunately didn’t get the baton around legally. :(

Lauren and Sarah were able to go 1-2 in the 3200 both with VERY outstanding times
Tae’lor had an very nice start to her HS career getting 2nd place in the high jump going 4-8.
Next up was the Hurdles where Hannah F. got her very first HS win in her very first HS race winning the 100 hurdles.
the 1600 was also a great race for us. Lauren picked up her 2nd win of the day and Torie Picked up a very solid 3rd place with a GREAT race. Almost every single girl in the mile ran a PR over last weeks time trial. Torie and Anna I think had the biggest jumps in the time.

Kim won the 300 hurdles in a fine time as well, especially since this was her very first ever hurdle race.

Our final running event win today was a very smart run by Payton winning in a time of 2:28

In the throws Drew had a 4 FOOT pr in the javelin to pick up a quality win.
In the shot put Bailey had an 11″ PR putting her over 30′ and picking up a 2nd place.

I will have more for everyone in the future now that we starting marks for everyone. I actually can’t open our school record book file since it is corrupted :( I will get a paper copy from school and give another update on how many of our girls made it onto the list in just our first meet.

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Welcome to 2014

Hello everyone,

If you are reading this you have found our page where we will do a ton of communication through out the season so that you can keep up with what is going on. WELCOME and I hope you visit often.

Here are a few things for you to know.

1. We are having a first ever TEAM goal setting night on Tuesday March 11th in the commons. We are providing food and drink for the girls (asking for a $5 donation from each girl) I would VERY much like it if EVERY girl on the team could make it. We are going to go up to the commons RIGHT away after practice and we are going to finish as soon as possible. I am hoping to finish up by 6:30 but we should easily be done by 7:00

2. Our first meet is next week – and you can find our whole schedule here :
This will also be where we post ALL of our results all season long.

3. Lastly if you are a Facebook person you can ask to join our facebook group “CHS Womens track”
It is a private group and you do NOT have to be friend with anyone in the group to join. Parents can post pictures here to share and other fun stuff throughout the year.

Thank you for reading and as always if you have a question please feel free to contact me. The best way is my email:

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