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District 4 championship meet

a number of things I need to go over with everyone

1. Thank you all so soooo much for all the help you provided to run this meet – it was much needed and even more appreciated. We got off to a rough start and I missed our first few athletes compete trying to put out fires. (sorry to those of you who I didn’t get to see – most notably Laurel – since I didn’t get to see you HJ at all)

2. Athletes both competing and helping you were ALL amazing!!!!! it was a great day to watch the cougars compete and be leaders around the meet.

On to the meet . . . .

We had 9 count them 9 PR’s at the meet – that is a great number!!! and shows that all of your hard work over the course of the season has paid off

Lets start in the field events:
in the Discus Kelsi had another 2 foot PR – 2 full feet- which in amazing – the first meet of the season Kelsi threw 60′ and she ends the season just 5″ away from hitting that 100′ barrier!! She finishes the season #17 all time and the #10 Senior – oh boy do I wish we could have gotten her to turn out BEFORE her senior season!!

In the Javelin -
Not to be outdone – Lisa saved her best throws for her last competition as well – she PR’s by just over 7′ yes 7 She threw over 100′ for the first time in her career! she was seeded 6th and finished a strong 4th to earn herself the state alternate position!!!! Lisa finishes her short but stellar career #14 all time and the #9 Senior in our record book!!!

On to the track:

We started the day with a 1.3 second PR in the 4×200 getting just edged out by a very good Ridgefield team for the last spot to state (the same team that fell down at the finish last year if you remember) It was a great run by all of the ladies – while we didn’t get our ticket into state but the teams that beat us really had to earn it!

in the 100 Haley raced her way to a 6th place finish (seeded 7th) and a new PR that for the first time moves her to #16 all time in the 100 and #7 junior.

Next up was the Mile:
Our first girl on the day to punch her ticket to state was Lauren as she finished 2nd place in the mile and she was followed by Sarah who ran a PR to 4th and earned an alternate spot to state. For Sarah it was a 5 second PR and earning her way into the record book at #23 all time and the #12 freshman – in one of the hardest lists to get on in our record book – Inanna, Torie and Marin all matched our bettered their seed coming into the meet.

In the 4×100 we saw a GREAT race by Laurel – Haley – Stefanie and Camiele: ran a 1.5 second PR to secure our 2nd ticket to state!! They finished a VERY strong 2nd place being seeded 5th in the district just 2 weeks ago. It is the first 4×100 team we have had to state in over 5 years.

The next big race was the 800 – Payton did what she does . . for those of you who have been watching know that she never losses confidence in her race and stays sticks with the plan – While other runners looked to have the advantage, Payton just stayed the course and ran down the leader with about 80 meters to go and then didn’t snuffed the hope of the hard charging eventual 2nd place finisher with another strong finish, for the 4th week in a row!!! She became the first Capital women’s champion on the day. Payton is now just 1.5 seconds out of 2nd place all time and 3.4 seconds from the school record

The 3200 was also a very fine race: Lauren led from start to finish to become our 2nd champion of the day Sarah, not to be outdone tried to duplicate her 2nd place finish from league also had an outstanding day. Sarah led the chase pack for almost the whole race – while she finished 3rd she ran a GREAT PR and earned a birth to the state meet with that finish!! Lauren is already #2 all time, Sarah is trying to do her best to keep up with Lauren. She move up to #12 all time (interestingly enough right in front of the girl that was the school record holder when I took over as coach) and #5 freshman right in front of Lauren’s freshman time!!

State Preview: Here is what we have on tap for next week:
State Schedule:

3:50 Long Jump – Ryan
4:00 1600m Lauren (Sarah Alternate)
5:05 1600m Ben

11:00 – 100m Willie
12:25 800m Payton
1:15 – Triple Jump Ryan
3:55 – 4×100 Laurel – Haley – Stefanie – Camiele – Carolina – Hannah

10:05 Discus – Mike
10:10 800m Finals – Payton
11:10 100m Finals – Willie
12:20 4×100 finals Laurel – Haley – Stefanie – Camiele – Carolina – Hannah
12:45 3200m Ben
1:05 3200m Lauren – Sarah

We have 2 school records that are in extreme danger heading into the meet – Payton is 3.4 seconds away from going from 4th place to the school record, while it will be a tough task, I think she will make a big run at that record!!

Next is the 1600: Lauren has been tracking down that record all season but illness and lack of a good race field so far has kept her away from it. Well we know that the field will be great and that Lauren is ready to make an assault on that record!!

Again I am sooooo PROUD of all of our girls this week – I am sad to see the season winding down, but it it will carry some great memories for me. For those of you who are not going to be at the state meet I hope we do get to see everyone on Thursday June 5th for our end of season Banquet!!!

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Evergreen Conference Championships

We had some great performances today in a lot of different areas, and I saw some things that made me VERY proud to be your coach!!!

I had told you that we didn’t need to help on Hurdles this week but I saw a bunch of girls out there moving hurdles.

I witness some great sportsmanship out of Bailey and her shot put opponents and then opened my email to see that parents noticed the same thing :)

I saw girls being excited for their teammates and their opponents.

I saw the race of the day go our way (more on that later)

We started the day off with a PR in the 4X200 and punched our first ticket into district meet!!

It didn’t slow down much from there

Haley had a HUGE PR in the 200 on the way to 2- 5th place finishes -which I think will get her into the district meet. Her time in the 200 moved her up to #10 alltime and the #6 junior!!

Camiele – Stef and Tae’lor all had GREAT efforts in the 400. Camiele moved into #22 alltime in the 400 and # 7 Junior – Stef made it to #10 on the senior list

In the 1600 we have Lauren-Sarah-Inanna-Torie and Marin all moving on to the district meet
The 3200 Lauren won her first ever track league championship with a solid run. Joining her at the district meet are Sarah, who finished a VERY strong 2nd place – with a smart/tough race and Rachel.- I am super proud of Rachel, who battled through some significant calf pain to earn her berth into next weeks meet.

Kim had a HUGE PR in the 300 hurdles and put herself at #19 and the #10 junior on the hurdle list!!

Bailey moved herself up to #13 all time and the #8 junior for the shot put!!

Kelsi has moved herself onto the list last week but move up to #18 overall and #10 Senior on the Discus list – REALLY wish she would have turned out earlier in her HS career!!!

Drew and Lisa both moved onto the district meet in the Jav – Drew recovered from a tough prelim to move all the way up to 3rd by the end of the day.

Laurel qualified to move on in the High Jump – she actually tied with Tae’lor but won the tie breaker.

Rosa continued her rise up the Pole Vault rankings moving up to a tie for #3 all time and is now #2 sophomore!! She also moved up seed list and qualified for Districts. Carolina didn’t qualify to move on but move up the lists as well – she is now #8 and the #4 Junior on the list.

Back to the race of the day – which means even more if you saw last years 800m league meet. There was quite the controversial finish last year. This year the race wasn’t decided until literally the last 2 steps of the race where Payton picked up her first championship and it was actually our first of the night (since Lauren raced later) It was a quite exciting race and our crowd was EXTREMELY loud during that race!!. She also put herself at #3 on the junior list.

For the those of you counting that it 15 changes in the record book just TODAY!!! I am so proud of the work that you all have put in!! If you want to take a look – here is where you can take a look at the current list:

We don’t know exactly who is moving on yet because I have not gotten the official results from the league down south but here is what we know

100: Haley (waiting to confirm)
200: Haley (waiting to confirm)
400: Camiele, Stef (waiting to confirm)
800: Payton,
1600: Lauren, Sarah, Inanna, Torie, Marin
3200: Lauren Sarah, Rachel
300H: Kim
4×100 Laurel, Haley, Stef, Carolina, Camiele, Hannah
4×200 Laurel, Haley, Camiele, Stef, Carolina, Kim
4×400 Tae’lor, Kim, Camiele, Payton, Stef, Morgan (waiting to confirm)
Shot: Bailey
Disc: Kelsi
Jav: Drew, Lisa
HJ: Laurel
PV: Rosa

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Updates: and help needed


Saturday: We would like to have a person at the Marathon Expo (packet pick up) to actually sign up people for the lakefair run this summer (out other fundraiser) It would be great to have a number of people to help – We would like someone who has a smart phone and would be willing to Download the square APP and be able to accept Credit cards as we do it!!

Sunday: See above for Race sign ups!! AND

The distance runners have filled many of the spots for working at the food tent – We could use some of the Sprinters/jumpers/hurdlers to fill in the last 3-5 slots for the 8-10 and 10-12 shifts. PLEASE let us know if you can come help out during one of those times.


We are still in need of some help for the district meet – we need some extra officials at the High jump – Long jump – Triple jump – Shot and Disc. We have the main officials pretty much set but looking for HELP – you don’t need to know the event – we will teach you want you need to know.

Also – Selling Raffle tickets at this meet as well!!!

ATHLETES – We still need about 15-20 students – Track athletes or otherwise – to help out this event. Please let us know if you can help!!!

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League qualifiers

We have 24 girls who will be attending the League championships

Some are currently listed as alternates for their events – some alternates for Relays but here they are

100: Haley – Laurel
200: Haley – Laurel
400: Camiele, Tae’lor, Stef
800: Payton, Hannah, Innana, Nicole
1600: Lauren, Sarah, Nicole, Inanna,Hannah, Torie Marin,
3200: Lauren, Sarah, Rachel, Nicole,
300H: Kim
4×100 Laurel, Haley, Stef, Camiele, Carolina, Hannah
4×200 Laurel, Haley, Camiele, Stef, Carolina, Kim
4×400 Tae’lor, Kim, Camiele, Payton, Stef, Morgan
Shot: Bailey
Disc: Kelsi
Jav: Drew, Lisa
HJ: Laurel, Tae’lor
PV: Rosa, Carolina

Such a great list of young ladies for the league meet! Proud of the whole team even those who didn’t make it in.

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JV Championships!!

What a great day today! While I was out officiating the High jump I could hear you guys cheering for each other!!!

We had 7 great PR’s today!! I was so proud watching all of you compete so well today!!

In the field events Amy got a PR in the Pole Vault and earned her way into the record book today!!! which makes I believe the 5th entry into the pole vault section of the record book this season – great job ladies and today they scored the TOP 6 places!!!

Emma got herself a PR in the long jump – getting 4th place.

In the 100 – Macy ran well and did a nice PR
200: Carolina raced her way to a Season best and a 3rd place finish
800: Tessa just missed the podium but ran a 10 full second PR
1600: Audrey lead the way and brought a PR home, she ran Super competitive today
3200: One of the Races of the day!! Rachel PR’d by almost a full minute!!!! she went from Boderline getting into league to top 7 in the league with a chance to move onto Districts!!!
Anna also gave herself a chance to get into league
100H: Other race of the Day was Hannah who had a Tremendous running .7 PR which is HUGE.

Again I am sooo proud of all the ladies who competed today!!!

I want to remind everyone of our Team dinner on Saturday – We are going to have the 9/10th graders bring a drink or dessert to share and the 11/12th graders bring some “real food” (salad or Main dish) to share – I hope that everyone can make it for at least a little time, there will be more information coming…

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A coaches thoughts . . . .

This may be long but bear with me.

It has been a crazy year so far. We have had the biggest turn out we have had in the 20+ years I have been here. We had an outstanding night at our goal setting session that we did for the first time. and we set some great team goals/expectations. We started the season on a good note and things progressed from there, we have accomplished some very nice things along the year. WFW and Centralia would not have been able to put on a meet without us doing a bunch of work for them. While it has not all been perfect. Having so many new people it took us awhile to find the best place for everyone to best use their talents. We lost a few meets along the way, which means we can’t be league champions anymore.

For the coaches it has been an interesting and sometimes stressful season. We “Volunteered” for the district meet which has kept both Coach Miller and I rather busy and slightly stressed, and there are other coaching things going on as well. Any way I say all that to bring up some of the things that in my estimation have not gone as well as they could. The girls set some pretty high goals and I have pretty high standards. With that said and done I didn’t necessarily handle that well all the time. I am here to admit that I am not a perfect person, and I have been a little more grumpy this year than most. For that I apologize, not for having high standards but for not enforcing them correctly.

On my run today I had a great mental evaluation session :) I hope I can bring some good things to light that I should have been doing all season. As some of you know, I was nominated for, and accepted into, the Brooks ID program. While I am in the program it doesn’t really start for me until summer. ID stands for Inspire Daily, Something I haven’t done as much as I could. So I am going to point out some of the things that should have been pointed out along the way.

One of the goals for this season has been to support our teammates. While on some days we have been lacking here are some of the times that we haven’t been (and yes I know I will miss some) Inanna went to Oregon Relays and really stepped up for us when some of the people got sick, we needed someone to step up and she did, picking up extra events so that the relays could still run. Rachel and Torey have picked up extra events just so we would not have an event empty. Carolina, Camiele, Tess, Josie and Emma have all struggled with injuries this year, but are here every day and do what they can to get better and be healthy. Haley has done max events pretty much every meet. Stefanie and Laurel have pretty much held together the relays. In our field events we have Bailey, Kelsi, Drew and Lisa who are busting their butts every day and setting a good example of hard work paying off.

Speaking of Inspiring….. I have been inspired myself by a few of our athletes. Look at the list of injured girls who have been here every day working hard and are making a difference for our team. Heck Tessa even got me out there running again. I wish I could

Here is my promise to the athletes – I will continue to push high standards but I will hopefully make it more appropriate for each of you, individually. I am hoping to have a great final few weeks of the season. I am really hoping to see some great performances to finish off the season. I can’t wait to see what everyone does this week and beyond for those that are lucky enough to advance.

Thanks for reading and letting me share my imperfections with you and helping me work through them.

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Team attendance!!

I am writing this message to express my disappointment with many of the team over the last few days and to express my expectations that are remaining for this season.

Here is what happened today 1- about half of the team actually showed up for practice. EVERYONE still has at least one meet left in the season. Most 2 and for a select few up to 4. 2- there were a number of girls that expressed displeasure with the fact that they may actually qualify for the league championships. 3. The lack of support for each other during meets and practices is not up to the standards that the TEAM set at the beginning of the season. This behavior shows a complete lack of respect for yourself, your coaches and MOST importantly your TEAMMATES and will not be allowed to continue.

Here is what everyone needs to know:

I am expecting 100% attendance at practice from here on out. If you have a doctor appointment I want an appointment card from the doctor. Anyone not at practice without PRIOR approval will be unexcused. ANY athlete with an unexcused may be asked to turn in their gear immediately. No skip days, birthday parties, sleep over’s or etc.

If you are not okay with that rule then go ahead and turn in your uniform and jacket at your earliest possible convenience and finish your season

For those of you were at practice and have shown dedication and support of your teammates I do appreciate you commitment to the team.

Coach Wright

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Aberdeen Dual meet

Well we finished the regular season with a great meet winning 98-27.

I was proud of the number of PR’s Even with the heat (Great job on the weather Steve Taylor – although it might have been a little too hot for a track meet)

We had 25 season or personal bests today!! I was super excited about a number of these!

Carolina (6’6″) and Aubrey (6’0″) both set new marks in the Pole Vault and moved themselves into the all time record book!!
Rosa set a nice mark in the Long jump today

Lisa – Claire and Preethi all had really nice Javelin throws – as a matter of fact Claire moved herself into #10 all time Freshman throw of 70-8!! Great job Claire!!!!

The running events started off great when Kim and Hannah raced to a 1-2 finish in the hurdles!! Both having nice PR’s
Hannah again had a nice 2nd place in the 300′s picking up her 2nd PR of the day.

In the 1600 Rachel got a nice PR AND raced her way to a 1st place finish – I was really proud of all our 16 and 32 runners who had GREAT efforts in the heat!! The jump in the heat really affect the distance events in a tough way. (I know you sprinters love the heat)

In the 800 Rachel again pulled home a victory AND a PR – Tessa also had a good day and a PR.

The in the 200 Haley moved herself up the list to #18 with a decent PR of .2 seconds. Carolina and Morgan also had season bests today.

Laurel picked up her first ever win in the 100 today (she has won the High Jump and 200 before) and came back and won the High Jump :)

I was very proud of the competitions today – although I did feel we didn’t do a good job of supporting our team mates or helping with the hurdles like we have been. We only have a few meets left I would love to see everyone trying to live up the expectations that all the girls set at the beginning of the season!!!

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End of season Dates

Here is what we have left for the end of the season.

Next week many of our athletes will finish their seasons. We have 3 different meets that week
Wednesday May 7th @North Thurston HS – This meet is for any kids who have not qualified for the league meet yet
Friday May 9th Shaner Invite – Tumwater HS – We get one athlete per event and get to enter an alternate who may or may not get in the meet
Saturday May 10th – Freshman Invite – We will be taking ALL the freshman to this meet it is only for 9th graders and it tends to be a GREAT meet.

TEAM Dinner at the Chase Residence for all athletes- more information to come!!!

After that We have the League championships back at Tumwater HS on Friday May 16th- Each athlete has to be in the top 8-15 in the league (depending on event) to move on.

On Friday May 23rd we are hosting the District IV championship meet at Ingersoll stadium. We will need both athlete AND parent help for anyone who is available.

For the people who are in the top 3 at Districts they qualify for the State meet @ Mt. Tahoma HS on Thursday-Friday-Saturday May 29-30-31

We will be having a team awards banquet June 5th 5:30-7:30 in the commons — it is a potluck!!

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