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Spring Break Practices

Here is what I have so far for Spring break practices.  It will be best if athletes check with event coaches to confirm.

Distance is going Mon- Wed- Friday at normal practice times (2:45)

Shot/Disc are going 9-11 on Mon- Tues – and Normal practice times on Wednesday

Sprints and jumps – Mon 10:30,  Wednesday normal 2:45, and Friday 10:30

Pole Vault will be Mon – Wednesday and Javelin Tues/Thursday at Normal times.

Hope this helps

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CK and Foss Meet

What a great meet for our Cougars…  We got great weather, won 9 out of 16 events (no Pole Vault since they weren’t prepared and we didn’t run the 4×200 due to may kids sick)

Anyway I want to go over a few things for this coming week first.

  1. We have a meet on Thursday at North Thurston should be a very good meet, with good competition for us, if you can make it you will see some good local athletes.
  2. Friday will be a very important day.  They are going to run Grades on Friday, any athlete who is failing a class at that point in time will be immediately ineligible until they are passing.  They will be expected to still come to practice but they will not be allowed to go to meets with us.  Until they are passing.
  3. Saturday we are running  at the Arnie Young Invite in Renton.  It is a GREAT meet.  We get to enter UP TO 2 people per event (and 1 relay) We know we have a number of people out for Vacation already but please let us know if you are around and ready to compete we will work in as many people as possible to get into the meet.  We will take 1 bus combined for the boys and girls teams to this meet

As always if you have questions please ask!!!

On to this meet.  We were competing against Central Kitsap (Defending League Champions) and Foss yesterday and it was a great day for us.  While neither CK or us loaded up the events to “go for the win” the top athletes were competing for the most part for them J  as I said earlier we were able to win 9 out of the 16 events that were contested yesterday, Foss won 1 and CK 6.

Gonna start with the field events today:  I didn’t get to see too many, as the throwing events at MT are not inside the stadium (so next week ladies Come tell me how you did!!!)

Discus was a good event for us –Jeanette had over a 1’ improvement from last week and pulled in a strong 2nd place and we had 4 others who improved over last week and Grace had a 4’ improvement over her Freshman year!

Sophia Phillips lead the way in the Javelin making a strong showing against on of the best Javelin throwers in the area.  Her throw of 95’ moved her up 1 spot on the all time list to #18 and grabbed her #8 on the Sophomore list.  Tanna threw about 9’ better than last week and 6 girls total showed improvement or established a new PR as a first time Javelin thrower.

Shot put was a great event as Elise, Addie, and Janessa went 1-2-4 just 4” away from Sweeping the event! And for Elise and Janessa those were both Lifetime PR throws, for Janessa it is over 2 feet farther than her best last season!!!!  Addie established a good solid PR along the way.

In the Long and Triple jump we had GREAT efforts.  Melissa was SUPER excited about how all of the girls competed today.  Hannah C was able to win both events and had a nice 6” PR in the Long jump and only missed her Triple jump PR by an inch!!!  Maggie had a great Long jump jumping almost 2’ farther than last week at Olympia.

Laurel was our only High Jumper on this outing and had a great day against tough Competition.  She finished 3rd but tied her lifetime PR and had a great look at 4’10” she then proceeded to immediately run over the 100 and win that event – and then came back and won the 200 as well!!  All in all I would say a great day for Laurel  3 wins (when you add the 4×100) and a solid 3rd!!  and her 100m was faster than any time she ran last season and very close to a lifetime PR.

Speaking of the sprints…  We had a great showing J in the 100 we won every heat and finished 1,3,4 overall but would have been even better had we not had a false start L  Stephanie and Kaily both looked great in winning their heats and Yulisa ran very strong in her heat as well.

The 200 was very interesting – We didn’t have many seed times so kids are placed randomly.  Laurel and Kaily were very strong in the fast heat but then We followed that up with Kelbe running in borrowed shoes (thank you Kelsey) finishing 9th overall – and she was worried she was gonna get last.  The big finish was from Maggie who won the last heat going away and ended up placing 4th overall with a great time!!!

The 400 was crazy cool as Taylor (Regie) ran her very first open 400 (has run relay 400’s) and placed herself as the #15 all time 400 runner and the number #7 Sophomore.  I gave her a race strategy and totally nailed it even though she won the race by 14 seconds….

In the 800 Naomi, Aven, Lexi were all in the top 5, Hannan and Ingrid both had strong runs on the way to season bests

In the 1600 Naomi was able to take control early and dominate the mile, while Skyler pulled in a season best as well.

Kallie was able to get 2nd in her very first 3200 with a strong showing going under 13 minutes on the first try.  All in all a good day.

I can’t wait until we actually have all of our girls healthy and back – we were missing approx 14 girls yesterday for various reasons, mainly illness.  We are going to be a force to be dealt with in this league before the league is over.

If this meet was scored out properly we would win 79-69 (CK) – 15 (Foss)

See you next week at the track !!!! and if there are any mistakes on here please forgive me I am trying to do this on my phone and iPad and my wife drives us to Oregon to see family.

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Week on March 21st (And beyond)

This Week at a glance – Maybe a long glance.

We have a few things going on this week – I have told each event group that does not have uniforms yet which day to get uniforms from me this week. (everyone should have one before they leave on Tuesday)

WEDNESDAY: We are going to have a girls team dinner on Wednesday night after practice.  We will Bring in Pizza- Salads- Fruits etc for food – Is there any Parents out there that can help pick up/set up food for that day – If so Please email me :)   I hope to be eating close to 5 and done by 6-6:30 we are also going to have a chance for the girls to get to know each other and fill out some goal sheets.

FRIDAY:  We have our first Narrows League meet.  We will be at Mt. Tahoma HS with 2 other schools by then EVERYONE should be eligible and competing

a FEW Coach Wright EXPECTATIONS that parents and athletes should know.

1.  Meets are NOT optional you are expected to go to all Narrows league meets, and any invitational that you qualify for.

2.  Athletes must be at the meet for THE ENTIRE MEET!  At the end of the meet the parents can sign them out with Coach Wright and ride home with parents

3.  I want you to be supporting your team mates and helping at the meet where ever appropriate

4.  DO NOT leave the Track and Field competition area

NEXT WEEK: We have 2 meets – one on Thursday the 31st and one on Saturday April 2 – Yes I know that is the start of spring break – It is a GREAT meet and we will get MANY people to qualify for this meet.

SPRING BREAK: There IS PRACTICE over spring break – If you are in town you are expected at practice.  Each event area will be holding 3 practices over break we will publish those dates as we get closer to the actual week.

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Long overdue!!!!! Oly Jamboree

Sorry that it has taken so long to get communications going this year – those of you who know me know I try to keep everyone VERY informed..

Well anyway – it has been a very hectic first few weeks for our teams, unfortunately we have had some coaching outages due to work/illness/or other family issues.  hopefully we can get that all in the review mirror move forward from here.  If you have not beent here yet here is the link to which is now showing the outdoor schedule instead of the indoor won which we don’t have….

Anyway – you can see the results there and there were some very favorable starts for us this year.

In the sprints Kaily started out almost a full second ahead of where she was last year.  Hannah C. had a long jump that was just 1.5″ below her PR from last year – which is an outstanding start for the season.

Ellie started the season with a BANG in the 300 hurdles – she had a GREAT PR running almost .8 sec faster than what she ran at the district meet last year.

Continuing the trend Maria ran 2 PR’s yesterday getting a PR in both the 800 and the 1600.  getting a 8 second PR in the 800 and and another 12 seconds in the 1600 :)

Josie had a GREAT outing!!!!  after having injury issues for literally 3 years Josie ran her 4th fastest time EVER as a Capital runner. It is always good to see – determination pay off :)  Well done Josie :)

But we had 2 HUGE marks on the day!!  HUGE!!

First we had Grace in the shot put – who had an 8′ yes you read that right  -EIGHT FOOT – PR over her best throw last year, are you kidding me.  8 feet is AMAZING and I don’t know what else to say about it cause words don’t do it justice.  Probably the most remarkable improvement on the day

Lastly for yesterday – We did get a new entry in the record book yesterday. :)  Kelsey Au vaulted away into the record book, she marked herself at #11 all time and the #4 Sophomore on our list.  - You can click the records link above to see the record book- currently it it showing the 2014 book I will update it to the 2015 results ASAP.

Hopefully I will be back to school on Monday – for those of you who don’t know I have been running temps over 101 for the week and didn’t think it would be a good idea to come and get everyone sick :(  I really missed being out there with everyone but I want to say thanks to all the coaches for stepping up in my absence.  See you all soon.

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2016 Track and Field Season is here!

Well here we ar 3 days into a new season.

We have 53 girls cleared at current and 2-3 still working on getting physicals and such to be able to join us.  This is the most we have had at Capital in at least 20 years.  Usually we are high 30′s low 40′s so I am super excited with over 50.  (gotta make sure we have enough uniforms!!!!)

Here are a few quick links for everyone: You may have to click the tab that says 2016 indoor and change it to 2016 outdoor for another week or so.

Also if you are wanting to by a shirt/hoodie for you or your Athlete you can order online.  (these are not required but can get them if you want)  go to  this site and order and they will deliver it to the school:  Capital Track Shirts

Also for those of you on Social media – you can follow me on Twitter for meet results  Find Kevin Wright or @Coach_K_Wright.

We also have a facebook group that is closed – you can only see posts if you are in the group.  Do a search for CHS Womens Track (Oly, WA) and ask to be added.

If you have any other questions please ask :)

Looking forward to a great season – and if you aren’t already on my team email list please send me a message and ask me to add you to the track email list:

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