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@Mt. Tahoma

Crazy week with not knowing if we were going to even get a bus to the meet……  anyway

Quick Congrats to the athletes that were selected for the

Shelton  Invite.

Regie T.  100, 200

Kallie K. 3200 alt – 1600 F/S

Laurel – High Jump

Addie- 1st alt Shot Put

Sophia – Jav

Ellie – both hurdles – Alt

Naomi – 3200

Lexi alt 400 F/s

Bella – 1600/3200 Alt

4×400:  Kelsey, Morgan, Lexi, Regie, Ellie and ??

Today’s meet at Mt. Tahoma

Lots of PR’s today on an odd weather day — it was not ever wet but we got cooler /windy and some warm.

Gonna go kinda quick since I am on to getting ready for the meets Saturday and next week.

100 – 2 runners and 2 PR’s Riley dropped a nice little PR while Paris actually put herself in the top 13 in the league which today would get her into the league meet.

400- Morgan had a nice run into the wind the whole backstretch to get a nice season record just off of her PR.

800 Innana was able to run her way into a season best all while creating a nasty blister on the back of her heal – a noble feet for anyone who knows what those blisters feel like

Hanan also raced herself to a new season best.

1600 was a pretty good event for us today – Maria lead the way with a small improvement but a very smart race, Skylar ran under 7:00 for the first time this season just off of her lifetime PR.  The BIG improvement on the day came from Merete who dropped a VERY  nice 23 sec PR today – her last 200 was inspired and was just fun to watch, it was a great finish!!

100 Hurdles – Riley droped .5 sec on the day moving herself into the top 13 which would put her into league if it the season ended today.

Shot:  Grace continued her steady improvement in this area with the 3rd consecutive PR in the shot.

Discus:  Hailey took flight today with an 11’ PR in the disc. Marilyn continued the hot streak in the disc with a PR of over 1’ today as well.

The Last PR I am writing about was actually the first of the day as Izzy improved 1’ in the Pole Vault ( 12th all time – 2nd Frosh) the official results say 6-0 and we showed them the mistake hopefully they fix it soon!!!

Next up Shelton invite Saturday and Bob Atwell (JV meet) next Tuesday.

See you all soon.

Also, Thursday lunch last chance to get discount tickets to see Addams Family with the team on Thursday night. $6 students -$8 adults to the ASB office.

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Shelton and Mt Tahoma Home meet.

Last home meet vs Mt. Tahoma and Shelton.

What a great day at the track – First off I want to say a HUGE thank you to all the parents who have helped the last few weeks at our meets and a special shout out to the Crawfords who brought us some much needed SUNSCREEN today J (and water too)

The weather was great for a track meet all except for one group – the first few weeks of heat is REALLY hard on distance runners- their bodies have not adapted to being able to keep the energy supplied at competition levels.  With that I was SUPER happy again with how hard and aggressive our girls ran today.  In the 1600 Kallie and Rachel ran very tough races and it was great to see Rachel running and pushing the pace in the final lap.  We also saw Inanna, Ashlynn,  Merete and Ingrid all putting together solid races either establishing a PR (first 1600) or lowering their PR from earlier in the season, Merete dropped 7 full seconds from her previous PR

Next up was the 800 and you got to see Naomi run her typical tough and SMART race today – She made the Shelton girl really work and really was intelligent on the way she attacked the race. While we didn’t see any PR’s today I was happy about how all the girls competed.

The 3200 today was Bella’s first attempt at a 3200 and her time put her at #6 in the league in just her first attempt- I look forward to see what happens as she gets a few more chances at this race.

Jumping to the field events

High Jump was a good event for us as Laurel won the event after having to run the 4×200 for the first time BEFORE she jumped- while not a PR her efforts and attempts at 5’ were GREAT.  Also, Kelbe and Maddie showed up at practice the other day both wanting to try the HJ so I said great.  Well guess what.  Both probably qualified for the league meet today with their efforts.  And that is after just 1 practice, wait till they get just a few more and see what happens – I think you will see some great things with a potential chance to qualify for the district meet on the horizon.

The Long jump was a mixed bag today as a few athletes had a hard time hitting the board today.  But we did see nice PR’s from Desiree and Breanna today over in the sand.  Flip that over to the Triple Jump and Chloe got a new PR by a full – well 11.5” but good enough. It keeps her at 3rd in the league and Hannah is right behind her in 4th.

The discus was an event with some PR’s today as Tia picked up her first ever HS WIN as she PR’d by just over 2’ and the first time she has thrown in the 90’s  Janessa also had a GREAT day  with ANOTHER 4’ Pr.  2nd meet in a row with a 4’ PR.  Pretty darn amazing If you ask me.  I think you are going to see Tia, Janessa and Jeanette all throwing in the 90’s or the 100’ range – Exciting times in the discus.  So that goes to the Javelin where our top 4 girls ALL set new PR’s today!!  A combined 11 and half feet. Sophia led the way proving that last weeks 1st win and throw over 100 was not a fluke as she threw 104’ this week and won again.  McKenzie, followed with a 1’ PR and Tanna and Breanna both checked in with over 4’ PR’s.

Not to be left out of the fun the Shot put crew also had our top 4 girls throw PR’s today for a combined 5.5”  Now based on how far an average javelin flies compare to the average Shot I think this group of ladies really knocked it out of the park today.  Addie had about a foot PR and picked up her first HS win!! She is strongly #2 in the league right now.  Elise also had a foot. Janessa wanted in on the PR action (after her strong Disc) she follows up with a 2’ PR!!!!!  Which brings us to Grace,  who also had a PR over a foot.

Which brings us to the sprints – and for those of you who did not know the Boys 4×100 relay of Tim, Zach, Jason and Willie broke the school record today running 43.73

For the 100 Ana ran a small PR, while Maggie and Riley both pulled PR’s of about .5 seconds.  It was a nice competitive day for our ladies as everyone really raced down to the last inches of the race.

The 200 saw Capital domination as for some reason MT left before the 200’s .  We also saw some tight races which lead to some great PR’s Maggie, Hannah C, and Laurel had a great battle down the home stretch with Laurel showing her experience for the win in the heat but pulling Maggie to a .6 PR and Morgan drop some time on her season best and is very close to her lifetime best as well.  In the 2nd heat running a PR of 2 full seconds for her first 200 of the season and put herself into 3rd place in the league at this point in time.

The 400 was pretty quality for us.  Lexi, Aven and Kelsey were all running to see where we would be and get some good work in to get ready for the rest of the season, well it ends up that Lexi, put herself in the freshman record book today and both she and Kelsey look to have found a spot in the league meet with their efforts today!!

Our Relays were all solid today and our first run in the 4×200 was a great run that was under 1:50 which is only about the 4th team in school history to get under 1:50 and this was the first time we have gotten the baton all the way around the track.

I hope I didn’t forget anything If I did I am really sorry.

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Getting close to the end of season updates

I wanted to take a chance to update everyone and the meets we have left for the rest of the season and who might go to which meets.

1st if you do not know where our schedule is online you can check here: This site also has all of our results for the entire season on it.

Wednesday the 20th - Last home meet – Everyone is involved – also come on out and cheer for our seniors in their last home event.

Wednesday the 27th – this will be a meet for kids who have not yet hit a league qualifying mark – will be a small group going out that week

Shelton Invite: Sat Apr  30 – they take the top 16 entries in each event – we will know early next week who is getting in but it is usually a small contingent.

Tues May 3rd – JV only – anyone who is likely to be league meet will NOT compete at his meet and it will be the last meet for some of our Soph-Junior-Seniors

Friday May 6th Shaner invite – We get 1 athlete per event into this meet but the opportunity to enter others that may or may not get in.

Saturday May 7th – Freshman invite – this is for 9th graders ONLY and is a GREAT meet – for 9th graders who are not going to league this will be their last meet.

Thursday May 12th and Saturday May 14thNarrows League championships. You must qualify for this meet but it is kind of a sliding scale – if you are in the top 12 at the end of the season you are IN – if you are 13-16 you are probably in and 17-low 20′s you still might get in based on how many people do not choose to do the event.  for Example some athlete may be in the top 12 in 4 events but is also on 2 relays – that is 6 total events – and you are only allowed to do 4.  the athlete and coach would need to decide which 2 events they would not do.

I have put together a list of who would be “IN” who would be “PROBABLE” and who would be “possible” entries into the league meet if the season ended today.  You can look at that list here:  League entries

I will try and keep it updated after each meet – NO PROMISES – it gets kind of busy for the coaches as we get closer to League and 2 -3 different training groups.

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Oregon Relays

What a weekend! in a good way of course.

I had a great time and I hope everyone else did as well.  I think my group was the last to get back but it was worth it.

Instead of going event by event I thought I would just go through by Athlete for this one :)

Kelsey came to run a few 400′s for us in the Distance Medley and the sprint Medley relays. Friday night in the DMR she ran her typical 65 second time but got boxed in a little bit at the start of the 2nd turn but quickly got out of that and finished strong.  On Saturday in the SMR she took the baton and took no prisoners as she raced her war around the track to a strong 63.8 400 putting us in great position for the last leg.

Lexi – ran both of those relays with Kelsey, actually getting the hand off from Kelsey in both of them.  She ran 2 very agressive 800′s over the weekend and I was praticulary happy with the one in the DMR as she really raced the girls around her and had a much better race than the girls around her.

Bella started her weekend with a 1600 for the DMR, which by the way, finished above their seed place :) then on Saturday she turned around and ran a 1500  - she ran a very aggressive race that ended up in a small PR when we covert the time back to the 1600 – pretty good weekend for someone who keeps telling me she is a 2 miler.  If she ends up running that anywhere near as well as she has run the 1600 I think it will be pretty darn good :)

Rounding out the DMR was Aven who ran her first ever 1200 leading off our DMR and getting us in great position. It was a pretty good race for a girls that was pretty nervous about that distance that is tough because it is too long to run like an 800 but too short to pace like a 1600.  All in all, she ran pretty darn well, we estimated she would run about 4:25 but handed off to Kelsey in 4:19,  an impressive day.  Saturday was a tough day for Aven as she had to be there at 9:30 am and didn’t run until 7:55ish pm.  It is a long day to sit, eat, drink, stay focused. While the time wasn’t great, the effort really was, she stayed competitive with the field for much of the race and had a great finish.

Hannah was with us to run a few 200′s for us.  First she ran the 4×200 for us but unfortunately we didn’t get the baton all the way around to the finish line. :(  but it wasn’t just us the officials weren’t very clear with the exchange zones.  On Saturday she ran the SMR for us and as part of that group we finished well above our seeded mark.

Kaily led off our 4×100 with her normal strong lead off.  She is developing into a solid lead off for us that I feel is going to be hard to ever replace.

Kallie represented us bright and early on Saturday morning running the first event on the track in the freshman 3000.  While she told me that she was nervous Friday night since it is a big meet and the field was a really talented group of Freshman girls.  She ended up running well and her converted time is about a 18 second PR for that distance.

Laurel was a spectacular lead off runner for us for a few relays this weekend, both the 4×200 and the SMR.  Enough so that both times the PA guy mentioned Capital as “moving well”  she also had a very strong 4×100 leg. She just continues to be a strong and reliable corner runner for us in the relays.

Which brings us to Chloe.  She had a pretty busy weekend – started the day in the 100 and for a time moved herself into the #2 spot in Narrows League just .01 behind Taylor and .o2 ahead of the gal from MT.  4×200 didn’t go as planned (see above)  but she had a very strong finish to the 4×100 and and then in the TJ had a nice series and finished just below her PR.

Ellie had a strong day in the hurdles for us.  She started the day in the 100′s and has a time that was .5 faster than her previous best FAT time (officials) missing a goal of getting under 18 sec by just .02 – I am pretty sure she will get that in the very near future – after sitting around for a long day she ran the 300′s.  She had a very aggressive start and was running strong until the last hurdle jumped up and grabbed her trail leg.  She quickly got up and finished the race.  We felt that her time would have been right at or even a PR on the day.

Naomi was her normal super tough racer this weekend.  She was in a loaded 300om field but it didn’t stop her from being aggressive.  While I think it is safe to say she wasn’t happy with the result she turned around the next day and ran a super smart 1500 putting together a strong effort with super smart racing along the way.  I think you are going to see some great things from Naomi in the very near future!!

This all brings us down to Taylor who really had an outstanding weekend – you already know about the 4×1 and 4×2 but her individual events were just outstanding.  Taylor started her weekend by becoming the first girls in a number of years to drop below 13 sec. running a 12.77a which is #5 all time and #2 sophomore time.  She is now the fastest girl that has run the 100 since I have become head coach just .02 in front of the previous leader.  Now I did find out that her time was wind aided, which by Track and field rules, means that it is not eligible for official records.  but from what I saw that wont matter, she will run faster than this in the very near future.  On Saturday Taylor ran the 400 and did it in dominating fashion.  While we are still working on race strategy, she ran a solid race that she totally dominated in the last 110m moving from 3rd to 1st and then just kept right on going to win her heat going away from the field.  She had a solid PR which puts her solidly moving her way up the all time list (#11 Currently – after just her 3rd non-relay 400m)

Next up is another home Meet on Wednesday at the track starting at 3:30 -

PS. We could still need some help!!!

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Home meet vs Lincoln and Wilson

Great day today :) a lot of really good performances.

Some big big marks today that I am super excited about.

Starting today with the sprints.  One thing that we have to know about. There are 2 types of times – Hand held (HH) and Fully Automatic Timing (FAT).  HH times unfortunately are not totally accurate and cannot be used for qualifying marks.  They tend to be faster so the standard conversion is .24 seconds so if you see a different time that is what is going on.  Today we had many races where the main timer didn’t start so we had to go with Hand Held times.

100m: Had some Great performances today.  Alexis and Riley both had strong performances and had strong season bests!! And Maggie and Ana ran the 100m for the first time today and both were great in their efforts.

200m:  Alexis followed up her 100 with a 200 that looks to be about .5 sec faster than her previous best!!  Morgan and Paris ran the 200 for the first time this year and Paris was able to race for the first time coming back from some injury set backs, so will was soo great to see such strong performances.

1oom Hurdles:  Great day for us in the hurdles!!!  ALL of our Hurdlers had season or  personal bests this is little hard to judge because this is the first events where the timing system went all goofy on us!!!  BUT they were all SIGNIFICANT improvements so you can see where we are headed with this fine group of ladies.  Also Hannah got to run her first race of the year after suffering through all the illnesses !  Ellie was able to win from the 2nd heat and Hannah and Maddie were very strong in the first heat.  I look forward to the next meet for all of these ladies as they continue to improve.

300m h – not to be outdone, Tia and Maddie both had bests here as well Tia’s time was just about 2 full second improvement!!! This is a great jump! Maddie had her busiest day of the year and still was able to come away with 2 PR’s

800m  Inanna also was  running her first race of the year and I was super impressed with how well she was able to follow her race plan! Sophia ran her first 800 of the year and did well for coming off of being sick – but the performance of the day came from Ingrid who had a 12 second PR today!!!  That is soo huge.

We only had 1 relay today and in the 4×100 Maddie, Kelbe, Alexis and Maggie had a great showing for the first time each has run this relay this year and they were able to WIN the event!!!!!!  So proud of these young ladies as none of them knew they were doing this event until well into practice yesterday!!

The shot put had Addie getting another PR on her way to a strong 2nd place finish!

The Discus was a great event for us today as Jeanette won her first HS meet and Tia had a PR of just over 14” to place 2nd!!  Janessa had the big throw of the day by Improving her Pr by just under 4 feet!!!!!  A HUGE pr!!:

Javelin:  Tanna went from getting her first throws ever in the discus over to the Javelin and had a 9’ season best in the Javelin getting a strong 4th place finish. Meret had a 4’ Pr as well!!!  And then I lost another Milkshake to the throwers as Sophia had a 5’ PR becoming the first thrower we have had over 100’ in a few years.  Her throw of 102-9 was good enough to win the event by a significant distance. It moves her up the all time list but I am sorry I don’t know exactly how far.

In the High Jump was where my favorite moment came from today.   Laurel cleared 5’ for the first time ever – putting her in a tie for 14th place all time and 7th on the senior list.  Seeing the joy on her face when she jumped off the mat is the reason many of our coaches put in the time!  He has been working for this for a long time and she is now getting the rewards of that hard work.

Rosa had her best outing of the season in the Pole Vault earning a tie for first place but awarded 2nd based on misses for the day. This mark will put her on the Senior list!

In the Long jump today we had Kelbe and Breanna coming through with PR’s today and Hannah Maggie and Kelbe placed 3rd-4th-5th on the day!!

All in all a great day – I was super happy about how the girls competed and supported each other today.  I would like to see more (all) of the girls around at the end of the meet so that we can help clean up and support the people competing at the end of the day J

Next up:  Friday/Saturday we will be taking 12 young ladies down to Univ of Oregon for the Oregon Relays and then next Wednesday we will be hosting our next meet (and last home meet) of the season.  Hope to see you all around again.

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Meet at North Thurston

WHAT A DAY!!!!  I can’t say enough how much I love watching these girls compete!!!  It was such a great day with a clean sweep by the Capital teams!!  Boys and Girls teams all won all three match ups.  (over 1 North Thurston, 2 Timberline, 3 Yelm)

We scored over 100 points in 2 of the match ups.

So looking at the results there were 51 season or Personal bests today.  YES 51!!! (we won’t worry about the 16 that were set as the first time doing the event)

Gonna start with the sprints today!

So in the 100m

Taylor led the way with a new season best and her 2nd fastest time ever, getting 2nd overall and she was closely followed by Chloe and Laurel, who set a new PR in the 100.   Angelica and Alexis both set new marks as the first time running the event.

The 200 had Stephanie dominating her heat in her 2nd fastest time ever followed by Hannah C who also had 2nd fastest ever!!  Yulisa continued her steady improvement by taking .8 off of her 200 time from last week.  That is a real nice drop in time in just one week.

Morgan had a great 400 today after being sick for awhile dropping her time 2 seconds from her first race this year.  Strong showing for us.

The 800 showed Capital DOMINATING the event taking the first 6 places all of which were improvements or new standards. Lexi took almost 10 seconds off of her time from last week!!!  A HUGE improvement Sarah G. dropped 22 seconds from her MS time!!

The 1600 had Bella running her first race for Capital right to a dominating win.  Putting 35 sec between her and 2nd place J  We also saw Elianna and Merete getting new PR’s.

In the 3200 there was another Clean Sweep by the Cougars.  Kallie Got her first ever WIN!!!!!  Marin and Maria both ran strong races in a tough (warm) conditions for a 2 miler this time in the year.

The Hurdles were all about Ellie who had a GREAT day today!!  She dropped 1.3 seconds in the 100 hurdle just getting edged out in the end but then turned around and set a new PR in the 300’s on her way to the win.  She improved by 2.3 seconds there (costing me a milkshake – I told her if she ran 52.5 she would win one, and she turned around and ran a 51.35)

Daniella ran her first ever 100 hurdles getting a new standard to try to improve.

Also in the 300 hurdles Tia and Maddie both had strong races in setting season bests

Last running events to talk about is the relays and boy are they worth mentioning!!!  We knew coming in the relays would be pretty good.  We have 3 members back from the relay that was quite successful last season.  Last season our 4×100 had a best of 51.7 today they ran 50.95 –( and our school record is 49.73)  Great job Stephanie, Taylor, Laurel and Chloe – looking forward to what happens when we actually get fast (and have great hand offs)

The 4×400 saw every team pull out but us – instead of giving up they decided to run with the guys teams and pull themselves to season best time for our team and having all 4 girls of  Ellie, Lexi, Naomi, and Taylor run season best relay splits!

On to the field events. (where things get great)

Again this Week Laurel had a great high jump going 4-10 establishing herself a new PR and had 2 great looks at getting 5-0 (gonna happen soon)

In the Pole Vault Kelsey followed up her strong showing getting 2nd and tying her PR Izzy worked her way in to the record book but getting over bar into 21st place all time and tied for 5th freshman J

In the Shot put both Addie and Janessa had strong PR’s today.  Both by just under 12”!!

The Discus Tia told me she “sucked” but she threw a 7’ pr today over her best last year.  Janessa had a 12’ season improvement that was just about a 2’ lifetime PR!!!

BTW I missed last week that Jeanette is now the #8 freshman on the all time list.

Makenzie, Grace and Marilyn ALL had PR’s today as well!!!  Each one had a 6 or 7 foot PR!!!  All combined the ladies had a jump of about 29’ today.

The Javelin Makenzie had a great day moving herself up to #20 all time and the #10 Senior throw with a very nice 4’ improvement!! Breanna, Merete and Grace all had new PR’s and Tanna set a new Season bests J

Brings us down to the Long and Triple jump.  In the long jump Hannah, Maggie, Desiree all set new PR’s  but the jump of the day went to Chloe who got 3rd place with a jump of 15’ 2.5” when puts her at #18 all time and the #8 junior in the record book.

In the Triple jump Chloe really had a good jump placing 2nd with a jump of 33’ 0” which, oh by the way, is the #8 jump of all time and the #7 junior mark.  All in all I would say that Chloe’s first HS track meet was a pretty successful one!!!!  Welcome to the team.

So after 3 weeks – looking at the Narrows league standings.  There are some pretty impressive standings and obviously things can change greatly.

We have the top mark in 3 events – Taylor in the 100, Ellie in the 300 h, and the girls 4×400.  In only 2 events do we NOT have someone in the top 5 (and one of those we haven’t competed in yet)

So inspired by all these young ladies – can’t wait to see what comes down the road.

Great job tonight ladies!!!!

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