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WCD/ SWW meet (What we call Districts)

What a crazy weekend for our teams!!!  Busy 2 days of ups and downs – Emotions/misunderstandings – and lost of PR’s!!!!  For those of you who don’t normally see these posts some information – I try to highlight all PR’s and kids who are advancing to make it manageable.  Sorry if I don’t mention someone.

I want to take a few moments and more than a few words to say that first of all, we are all truly human, and I appreciate how parents and athletes can adjust and go with the flow when others are being human!  We had some tough situations this weekend  and I appreciate how people handle them.  Anyway.

I was going to do Friday then Saturday but I just decided to go through the meet in event order on so I don’t miss anyone. For most of the races they ran in 2 heats evenly seeded – the winner from each heat and the next 4 fastest times moved on to state

So we will start with the 100m.  The boys run first and Zach started the event off well winning his heat out of lane 1. and if  you know how seeding works –that means Zach had a tremendous run out of the inside lane, he ended up 3rd overall and will be running next week as well.

Paris and Regie followed suit by both running new PR’s WITH slight head winds – They were both great runs and Paris improved by another .15 from her huge PR last week.  Regie got a nice PR especially since her previous PR was with the wind at her back.  Now to beat that with wind going the other way is a nice Jump.  These times make Paris 15th all time and 6th on the Sophomore list and Regie is now #4 all time and the #2 Sophomore – looking forward to what future seasons bring this young ladies.

In the 200’s  both Jason and Regie just missed overall PR’s  that they set at the Shaner invite BUT both had great races and are moving on to the state meet next week.  Jason finished 6th and Regie finished 4th overall.   According to my records no CHS girl has ever been on the podium for the 200m, maybe that can change next week.

400M: Lexi worked hard all week to learn how to use the blocks and did a great job.  She ran herself to a new PR and beat her seeded entry by a few spots.  It moves her up to #19 all time.

800M:  It was a good day for our 800 runners – we had 3 running and all 3 walked away with PR’s  For the boys Zach and Jamison both  had really strong finishes.  Zach’s had a PR of just under a second and Jamison was just over a second.  Aven followed suit and set a lifetime PR by just over a second.

1600M:  Beau ran a tough race setting out on a mission for a PR.  While the weather wasn’t the best for it, he had a very fine race getting 4th and moving on to the State meet next week

3200M:  Bella had her race of the season, and that includes the 56 sec PR she had last week.  This week, she dropped another 22 and ran 11:39.  Bella has worked hard all year and had a number of injury set backs along the way.  She has at times raced a little to hard early in races to get out kicked at the end.  This day showed none of that.  She stayed with the lead pack the entire way and was in 6th place starting the last lap – and 7th was on her shoulder challenging her.  BUT Bella had probably her best last 200 of the season, ran away from 7th and punched her ticket to the state meet.  1 week ago Bella wasn’t even on the all time list and last week jumped in at #16 and is now #10 just .96 seconds from #9 (who happens to be Madison Guscott – Ryan’s older sister) She also jumped to #6 on the Junior list.

100H Both Ellie and Hannah saw PR’s in the hurdles on Friday, and both girls moved up on the all time lists.  Ellie and her 16.92 to #10 all time and the #6 Sophomore time while Hannah moved up to #19 and the #7 junior time with her 17.54 time.

The 4×100 relays were nicely done for both the guys and the girls.  The boys raced their way to the state meet by dominating their heat and finishing 3rd overall. It was a nice run by Tim, Zach, Jason, and Zach.  On the girls side we had another strong showing and we just keep getting better and better – they finished 5th just .07 away from 4th – next week is going to be good when Laurel, Chloe, Paris, and Regie line up at the state meet, with a chance to break the 50 second barrier., which only 2 different teams in school history have done  (that I can find – might have been 3 – but still )

4×200 – OMG – if you were here last year you remember that we had both Prelims and finals in the 4×200 that were just crazy AND probably gave everyone minor heart issues.  This year was no different.  We made some changes in order , which we felt would make us a stronger team.  Well there was a “problem” with one of the hand offs but it totally didn’t make a difference because the girls were AMAZING – Laurel and Hannah put us in Great position time wise and Chloe and Regie brought it home both girls racing just flat our incredible – the team finish 5th but were closing on 4th and 3rd like crazy – if we had 25 more meters in the race they might have been 3rd.  We will be getting another chance next week at state.

4×400 both guys and girls ran great races today and came away with PR’s with the people that were running.  Tanner, Ryan, Zach and Jason were strong all the way through, ran a PR and beat there seed place as well.  For the girls we literally had to make a change during warm ups.  (more on that later) but Ellie was ready as our Alternate and they ran GREAT!  A season best for this group and also beating our seed by a few spots – I was super proud of them to just adjust to the situation and not be phased.

Shot Put:  Both Angus and Janessa came away with new PR’s . Angus’s came on his way to making finals and placing 7th overall.  For Janessa, it proves that her throw last week was not a just a one time thing and continuing her growth as a thrower.  Addie made finals in her first district meet a note worthy accomplishment.

Long jump: They boys had some pretty good conditions on Friday and they tood advantage of those.   Both Tim and Caleb jumped to season bests. This event showed how just ¼” is huge.  Caleb just missed making finals but ¼”  and Tim’s PR of just ¾” put him ¼” ahead of 7th place and earned that trip to state next week.

This morning brought conditions that were not as nice as yesterday so it took some Jfocus and determination to perform well.  Chloe had both today.  She came in with a PR or 15 -2.25 and she jumped 15-2, 15-6 and then 16-2 ¼ in the prelims.  Netting her a full foot PR.  And a trip to finals where she held on to 6th place and earned her trip to state.  That jump moves her up from #20 all time to #7 and #2 on the junior list (#1 is 16-6)

The last event for us this weekend was the ladies in the discus – it was an interesting and great day for us.  First off the event was moving along rather slow and I think got a little bit of a slow start  – well except for our girls!  Both Jeanette and Tia had great days!!!  Last week Tia had a 3 ‘ PR at league and this week she added on another 6 –YES 6 FEET throwing 99’10” now, about this time she is supposed to be warming up for the 4×400 as our #2 runner (I know multi talented isn’t she) but with it looking very likely that she was going to make finals we made the decision to pull her from the 4×4 and have Ellie run (thanks again Ellie)  Well not to be outdone.  Jeanette was having the meet of her season as well.  She has been between 87-5 and 89-3 all season long, UNTIL TODAY!  She had a huge jump all the way to 99-0 !!!  Yes 10 feet –Well 9 feet 9 inches but who is counting.  Tia moves up to #17 all time and Jeanette is now #19 on the list.  It is kind of funny is that they both moved to #5 on the grade lists Jeannette on the frosh list and Tia on the sophomore list.  The funny thing is that they both replace the same person on the list.  Danica Wolfe got moved to #6 on both lists on the same day.  Kinda funny.

So our state list:  (if I missed someone – I am soo sorry – please let me know so I can update it)

State runs a little bit different in that you have to run Prelims and finals.  To qualify for finals the top 3 finishers in each heat and the next 2 fastest times move on to finals. Field events are done as normal and the 1600 and 3200 just run finals an no prelims (all 16 in the same race).

Thursday :

3:30 –  Girls 4×200  Prelims– Laurel – Hannah – Chloe- Regie – Alts

5:05 Beau 1600 – Finals


10:05  Chloe – Long jump

11:00  Zach – 100 Prelims

3:30 Boys 4×100 Prelims Tim – Zach – Jason – Willie – Alts

3:55 Girls 4×100 Prelims Laurel – Chloe – Paris – Regie – Alts

4:20 Tim – Long Jump

6:05 Jason 200 Prelims

6:30 Regie 200 Prelims


9:30 4×200 (if we qualify)

11:10 Zach 100  (if we qualify)

12:10 Boys 4×100 (if we qualify)

12:20 Girls 4×100 (if we qualify)

2:15 Bella 3200

2:45 Jason 200 (if we qualify)

2:55 Regie 200(if we qualify)

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End of season voting and banquet

If you want to vote for end of season awards please go here and vote:

Remember our Banquet is on Wednesday May 25th at 5:45 in the commons – it is a potluck so please bring food to share and probably a good bet to bring your own drinks.

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Narrows League Day 2

Well most of you already know the good news.  The Capital ladies brought home our first League championship since 2011.  We have the very last championship in the  Narrows league since our league next year is called the South Sound Conference.

We scored 184.5 points – far better than the 120-130 I thought we would get.  CK and Wilson had 136.5 and 132.5 – they were the top 2 last season and everyone expected them to be the top 2 this year.  Another interesting note is that combined with the guys we had the highest total in 3A.

On to the happy updates. – First of all realize that today was not a ready that was really conducive to PR’s too much wind and colder than it has been.

The day started well over in the HJ  – Laurel pulled in a strong 2nd place while Maddie tied her PR and earned her way onto the podium in 7th.  Kelbe who was seeded 11th finished 9th

At the Javelin runway, Sophie was fighting the wind and finished in 3rd for the day. Breanna who was just barely added to the meet and seeded 16th finished a strong 11th today.

Our first event on the track was the 4×200 where Chloe got us off to a great start, Hannah and Laurel definitely didn’t do anything to hurt us but Wilson was also having a strong day.  Regie got the baton in strong position but on this day Wilson was just too strong – We finished a strong 2nd with a new PR.  And beat MT who has beat us a few times this year.

Next up was the 3200 an event that we were seeded well in but CK was seeded a little better.  It turned out that both groups ran well.  Bella raced her way to a 56 sec PR and a 2nd place finish.  That time puts her 16th all time and #8 on the junior list (fun fact:  1 spot in front of my daughter) Right behind her was Naomi with another strong tactical race.  Kallie and Marin were both right at their PR’s

About this time in the meet CK starts to make a little run on us. In the 300 Hurdles they pick up some points but we had Ellie who ran strong with a 5th place finish.  The BIG race came from Maddie who PR’d by over 2 seconds and based on the race I don’t know which is bigger – hers or Bella’s, they were both pretty amazing.

Next up was the 800, the event that CK has the biggest advantage in.  They were able to put 4 girls on the podium to our 1. And really make up some points on us.  But it sure wasn’t from lack of effort.  Aven ran her best time of the season, placing 6th and qualifying for one more week. Inanna was about to bring in a 4 sec drop with an amazing finish and Maria followed suit with her 4 sec PR.

About now I was getting worried about the overall scores.  Wilson was closing fast and CK was now just 7 points behind us with 5 events to go. Next up for us was the Shot put – Probably the best team event for us on the day.  I walk over to be greated by Addie who was in 1st place,  and excited because Elise and Janessa were joining her in finals.  Well the #1 seeded girl ended up coming back and retaking 1st place but Addie finished 2nd. Janessa had an amazing day throwing a PR of 2’2” and throwing over 30’ for the very first time. She ended up in 4th and just in front of Elise who finished 5th with a PR of just over a foot herself!!  This dropped the CK girls out of scoring and gave us a huge bump that nobody could catch!!

Back on the track was the 200 where Regie finished 2nd and Paris, as in the 100m, ran another huge PR.  She took .5 sec off of her best, while she didn’t place it was a great run, that ends up being the 5th fastest time of the year for Capital in the 200.

In the Long jump, out last field event, it was a rough day for ALL the jumpers.  They were all jumping into a head wind and it wasn’t warm enough to really make it a good day.  Chloe fought her way into 5th place and Hannah joined her on the podium in 8th.

By this time we have over a 30 point lead and the results of the 4×4 don’t matter in the team race, but there are bragging rights to be had.  Our team of Kelsey, Tia, Morgan and Lexi run our 3rd fastest time of the year and get a solid 4th place finish.

We finished with 23 lifetime or season bests in this meet.  And we did something that RARELY, if ever happens.  We are taking at least 1 girl to district in every event, not most but EVERY event.  I could not find a time in Capital history where that has happened.  I will have to look again on another day when I can make sure I am giving it an accurate look.

Here is who will be competing for us next week in the District/Regional meet.

100: Regie – Paris

200: Regie

400: Lexie

800: Aven

1600:  Bella (Naomi – ALT)

3200:  Bella, Naomi

100 H:  Ellie, Hannah

300H: Ellie

4×100:  Kaily, Paris, Laurel, Hannah, Chloe, Regie (6 on the team, get to pick 4)

4×200: Paris, Laurel, Chloe, Regie, Hannah, Maggie?

4×400:  Kelsey, Tia, Morgan, Lexi, Ellie, Regie, Aven

Shot: Addie, Janessa, Elise

Discus: Tia, Jeanette

Javelin: Sophia

High Jump: Maddie

Pole Vault: Rosa (Kelsey – ALT)

Long Jump: Chloe (Hannah – ALT)

Triple Jump: Chloe, Hannah

Any girl who was on the podium is automatically considered an alternate into the district meet and should plan on attending – we already have 2 of our alternates listed above who will be competing.

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Narrows league championships day 1

I thought last week was a good week – this week sure got off to a great start.  As a matter of fact so great, that we are sitting in 1st place after 1 day. (the boys are sitting in 2nd)

Current league scores:  Capital 84.5 MT 64.5 and CK 61 – gonna be a good day on Saturday.

100mH – this was a weird race as Hannah’s time kept jumping around – she was first displayed as 12th, then 11th but turned out to be actually 4th, with a new season best time and moving her way onto Districts – In the same race Ellie dropped another .25 seconds to grab 2nd place and moving on as well.  Both girls placed 2 places higher than what they were seeded.  Ellie’s time moves her up 12th all time and 7th on the sophomore list.

In the 100  – Regie got out of the blocks, probably the best she has all season long.  And took the lead from the get go and became the 1st Capital champion on the day.  In the 2nd heat Paris had the PR of the day, she dropped .46 on her way to 3rd place overall – the biggest jump in seed from anyone all day.  (seeded 11th got 3rd) . Her time puts her 21st all time and 6th on the sophomore list.

This lead directly to our 4×100 where Kailey got us off to a great start and clearly was making up ground on the teams around us.  Paris took the baton and continued the strong day – It was pretty obvious we were going to go well for us as Laurel kept the great work going and moved past the teams on the outside of us.  CK closed up the gap and even got a slight lead on us but Chloe was having none of it and closed out our 2nd place finish and getting more girls moving on.

In the field events we also got off to a great start.  In the Triple jump, Chloe and Hannah were both off to a great start and got into finals.  Both ended up with good PR’s and with 2nd (Chloe) and 4th (Hannah) place finishes punched their tickets to districts.  Hannah’s mark moved her all the way up to #10 all time and #6 sophomore mark.

Just a few feet away in the pole vault we were having a great day.  All 3 girls came away with bests.  Izzy, PR’d by a foot and tied the Capital freshman record. Kelsey JUST missed qualifying for districts (Is the league alternate).  Rosa vaulted her way to a league championship and raising her season best by 6”. Rosa is now 3rd on the senior list as well.

In the 1600 Bella raced her was to a 3 second PR and grabbing a spot to the district meet and also netting herself the #10 spot on the junior list just a few seconds from the all time list.  Maybe that will come next week. Naomi also raced to a new Season best and a spot on the podium.

Last event on the track was the 400 – we had 3 young ladies in the race and it really could not have gone much better for us.  Regie, who wasn’t feeling well, ran a PR and got a 4th place finish which is good enough to move through to districts.  Lexi was seeded 8th in her heat, had a great finish with a PR and a 6th place finish (bumped to 7th by a girl in 2nd heat) Kelsey, who hurt her rib cage in the PV – ran a great race today and also came away with a PR.  Lexi’s time breaks her into the all time list at #21 and is the 4th fastest freshman time.

The last event to finish, for the girls, today was the discus.  Both Tia and Jeanette competed very well and finish 3rd and 4th, both securing a spot at the district meet.  Tia’s PR today moved her to the 20th spot all time, and the 6th spot on the sophomore list.

Saturday our bus leaves at 9:00 – we should have some room to you want to tag along.  Let us know if you are interested.  Also, I think there is a VERY real chance that we will be league champions!!!  I would love it to see a bunch of girls around to grab the trophy at the end of the meet.  Please, Please, PLEASE hang around and be apart of the celebration, should it happen.

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Up coming dates to know

3 non track meet dates to Remember:

1 –THIS SUNDAY May 15th,  We are manning the food tent for the Capital City Marathon – We need about 20 people in each of 2 shifts.  8am -10:30 and 10am- 12:30.  We are set up in Sylvester park and provide water and food for all the finishers of the half and full marathon events.  We can use athletes, parents, Siblings, Friends and we sign any community service forms that you may need as well.  The Marathon Assoc pays our team about $1500 for this and doing water stops from January through April.  The distance runners have done all the work so far so it would be really nice to see some sprint/jumps/throws people out there helping since the $$ pays for all of our meet entry fees and has paid for our uniforms. – New Shots/Javs/ etc.

2.  Thursday May 19th we are having Team dinner at the Home of  Melissa Chase J  this is for the ENTIRE team.  We know that many are done competing but EVERY ONE is welcome.  Melissa would love some parent help getting food set up and we will ask the kids to bring some sort of food/or drink early next week.  If you are willing to help either contact Melissa or myself and I will get you in touch with her.

3.  Wednesday May 25th is our End of season banquet in the commons – We will start about 5:45 with food and awards will start about 6-6:15. This is a family affair, It will be a potluck – so bring food to share.  Bring whatever you so choose.  If we get all deserts then that is what we will eat – or all salads – You get the idea.

Reminder – If you are done competing please get your uniform returned AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

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League information – Updated May 9, 10:15 PM

This page will change as we get updates and final information:

I am uploading a few things that you may want to read. I will update this post as we know more

1.  They entries that we have made, they are not 100% competing in the league meet as of right now – these are who we think SHOULD be able to get in:  League Qualifiers 2016 – this list shows who qualified in each event.

2.  Here is the time schedule for this week – Right now because of bus issues we will be leaving at about 1:00. There is a mandatory check in time and that will give all of our athletes plenty of time to get warmed up and prepared properly for the meet.

NL TF Meet Schedule 2015-16 The schedule Days (Thurs/Sat) and times are correct – it just has the 2015 dates on it but all times will stay the same for 2016

Here is the lane assignments -AS THEY ARE RIGHT NOW – they are subject to minor changes.  3a meet program

3.  For those of you looking for information about Districts here is some basic information for you.

- to Qualify you must be in the the top 6 at the Narrows league meet – (or hit an insanely hard qualifying mark)

- the meet is Fri/Sat May 20-21

- 3A WCD-SW Track Schedule 2016, Draft – 3-30-16 Schedule as we know it as of now.

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Freshman Invite

Boy oh boy – this meet.

I really like this meet for the kids – they have good competition to drive for a new PR and they can try new events if they want to and see some success.  but boy do they run the meet slow for some years….

anyway – it was a good day – a few people got sun burns  - even though I repeatedly offered sunscreen to pretty much everyone – including meet officials!!

I am just going to go kid by kid for PR’s.

Yulisa had to wear mulitple numbers becuase I got her entries in wrong but that didn’t deter her from getting PR’s in both the 100 and the 200 :) she had to run in the super fast hear and used that motivation to just pull out some great times!!

Lexi – while she didn’t PR in the 400 run a tactically fine race and came away as our only champion on the day!!  then came back a short while later and PR’d in the 800.  This is a tough double on a normal meet schedule and she pulled it off well

Ingrid pulled in probably the most impressive PR of the day – We only had her do 1 event since she has had some pretty sore knees, but she dropped 15 seconds in the 800!!  15 seconds.  She ran a super aggressive race from the beginning and really made everyone in her hear really RACE.

Sarah dropped a nice PR in the 1600 today as well – it was really hot for the distance runners so these guys can really be happy with PR’s.

Ingrid, Sarah, Maddie, and Izzy all ran their very first 400′s of the season and actually pulled in a 4th place finish (which bumped to 3rd more info later)  They all ran great!  I was super proud of all of them for going out of their comfort zones and running this race.

Maddie had a nice PR in the 100 Hurdles in a time that probably solidifies her entry into the league meet.  She also had quality efforts in both 300 hurdles and the high jump.

Izzy had a good day in the PV while it tied her PR and not a new one – she was able to get on the Podium with a 5th place finish.

Jeanette had a busy and unusal day – first she took 2nd place in the discus but then went our and ran the 2nd leg in our 4×100 relay – which wasn’t given a time for some odd reason but the Yulisa, Jeanette, Maddie and Kelbe had a great run :) then right after that went over and threw the shot put for the first time this season!

Ana had a good run in the 100 matching her season best after having knee problems all season long.

That leaves us with Kelbe, who had a very busy and very good day!!  She started with the High jump which went ok but not what she wanted but then she bolted over to the Long jump and PR’s by over a foot!!!  and then as mentioned she ran in our make shift 4×100 which was great – then she had a long break and ran the 200.  The best part was there was a few smaller schools who had girls that wanted to run the 4×400 so Kelbe jumped in and ran a leg of the 4×400 for them.  She helped them get 2nd place  but unfortunately they didn’t give them a medal since they were a mixed team!!  Was proud of Kelbe for 1 being willing to run the 400.. which she fought hard not to do during the season and 2.  Be willing to help out another team so that they could have their kids compete.

Nice job all the way around ladies!!!!

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Shaner Invite

What a GREAT night at the track for the Lady Cougs tonight for the Shaner Invite!!!  We have traditionally had some pretty good marks at this meet but I am so proud to say I get to work with these young ladies!! We had such a great showing tonight by everyone.  I think we only had 2 maybe 3 events where were didn’t have either a.  a PR or b.  beat our seed coming in (i.e. seeded 4th but finish 2nd)

So lets run down the list – Been doing the running events  first so gonna start with the field.

Started off the day with Laurel (HJ) and Hannah (LJ) and both had excellent nights that are related!!  They both were competing well  Hannah had a 7” PR in the long jump and made finals and Laurel was jumping well despite sore knees.  Then both went and ran a great 4×2 (more on that later) and came back and finished up.  Laurel had a chance to tie for first but was the only jumper left when she returned and couldn’t quite get over 5’ but had 3 great attempts.  She finished in 2nd I believe.

Hannah placed herself as the #4 Soph and #18 in the books for Long Jump.

The next round had Chloe in the TJ and Rosa and Kelsey in the PV – all 3 ended up with PR’s (or Season records).  Chloe  got over 35 for the first time with just under a 1’ PR.  To put her #2 Junior  and #4 all time.  Over at the Pole Vault , Kelsey and Rosa both cleared 7-6, moving Kelsey up to a tie for 9th all time and #4 Sophomore all by herself and Rosa moves up to #6 senior on the record books!

The throws were also great tonight.  Addie continued to improve in the shot.  Getting another 4” tonight and slowly closing the gap on the #1 girl in the league.

In the Javelin Sophia, who was way more nervous than she ever needed to be, had a great night getting into finals and popping a HUGE 5’ and moving way up the all time list.  She is now #8 all time and the #4 sophomore and got a  nice medal for her efforts tonight!

Not a bad night – then you add the running events and as the kids kept telling me tonight OMG!

We started off the night with the 4×200 We dropped our time by 2.2 seconds to put us ahead of last years team (that went to state) by almost a full second for this point in the season.  It was a great run by all the girls and I am super proud of them.

Then in the hurdles, Ellie dropped about .4 of a second and just keeps getting better and better as the season moves along.  She has moved up to #18 all time and broke into the sophomore list at #9.

Moving onto the 100.  This was a loaded race tonight but didn’t stop us from competing well, but tonight marked the first time in a LONG time, since 2008 to be exact, that we have had 2 girls under 13 seconds as Chloe ran a new PR and ran 12.99 tonight.  Which, by the way, puts her at #8 all time and #4 junior.  No big deal

Next big race for us tonight was the 4×100 – We literally threw this team together on Wednesday due to injuries and eligibility issues but we were spectacular!  They ran the fastest time of the year!! And finished a STRONG 2nd place.  Kaily, Chloe, Paris and Regie were all awesome tonight for sure.

Next event that we had was the 300 Hurdles and in the first heat Tia was looking AWESOME but because she was running so well she got a little too close to a few hurdles, she just missed a PR (would have got it without smashing the 2nd to last hurdle) but ran SUPER aggressive the whole race.  In the 2nd heat Ellie didn’t get the greatest start but it didn’t matter as she sped across the finish line with a new PR, and moving her up the record list to 16 overall and the 9th sophomore.

In the 800 Aven was seeded 12th coming in and finished 9th and super competitive to getting team points for 8th.  She ran a small PR but continues to keep being aggressive out there and is due for a big jump in time hear real soon.

Gonna jump a little out of order to talk about the 3200 where Naomi and Marin just ran very aggressive and impressive races tonight!!! I am so proud of both of them for different reasons.  Marin has not always had a great finish but tonight her last 200 was amazing and got the whole crowd cheering as she caught another girl on the final home stretch, she didn’t get past her but it sure showed how determined and confident that she is getting over the course of this season.  Naomi was just tactically perfect tonight.  She spent all night just sitting in perfect position all night and letting the other girls fall off of the pace,  early in the race she was 6th at the back of the lead pack but you could tell that she was more comfortable than many of the other girls.  Each time someone would try to break away at the front Naomi would just park herself right where she needed to be to go with them.  In the last 450 meters or so Naomi really made her presence known,  She, and the eventual winner,  made a bold move and totally left the others behind as they raced to the finish.  In just a week she has taken off about 37 seconds from her previous season best and clearly there is more coming – I really look forward to seeing what the next few races bring for Naomi.

As you can tell we had an amazing night – sooo many improvements our new entries into our record book – I am so proud of the ladies, but I have not even talked about the best race of the night, and for that matter the best race of the season for us so far.   If you were there, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about.  The 200m. So I have been working with Regie to trust herself in the sprint races and have been encouraging her to test her limits.  She has had some pretty good results so far.  She came into the night ranked #2 in the Narrows league in the 100 #3 in the 200 and #4 in the 400.  Well after tonight the 200 REALLY changed.  Regie likes to “SAVE” her energy for the last 90m or so and have a great finish, so I challenged her to get up to full speed by about the 70m mark (130m to go) and really compete.  Well she did that, and then got locked into a battle for first place and turned to a whole new gear for the last 50 meters.  It was a sight to behold.  She dropped from 26.54 Last week to 25.84 this week.  That is a .7 drop in just 7 days, so amazing, not only did she get the win BUT became the first girl to EVER run under 26 seconds in Capital History,  She is now ranked #1 in the league and 11th in the state for 3A.  She is now the NEW SCHOOL RECORD HOLDER – and of course #1 sophomore time too ;)

As you can see the ladies REALLY stepped up to the plate tonight and they are going to make my decisions as to where do we have them compete at the league meet VERY difficult – a problem I love to have for sure.  I have until Monday afternoon to make those decisions as I have to declare Monday night at the seeding meeting.

Off to bed so I can be ready for the Freshman Invite on Saturday!!!

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Bob Atwell Meet

Bob Atwell Meet!

What a great day !!  We didn’t have great weather but that didn’t stop anyone from having some great performances.

Since We still had some athletes at Capital for a practice I got to the meet late, missing the first few events – I was excited to have more than 1-2 athletes approach me with how excited they were with how things went.

I missed the 100 hurdles and 100m BUT some great things happened.  Maddie started off with a PR on the day and poor Riley tripped over the last hurdle – the nice thing was she came back in the 100 and grabbed a NICE pr – tough to do under the circumstances. Kaily and Paris both had PR’s today, even though for Paris her blocks slipped and they didn’t restart the race like they are supposed to do.  Hannah got her first 100 in for the season and posted a nice time.

In the 200 all 4 of our girls got PR’s today – which is GREAT at the end of the meet still having girls giving their all to compete!!!!  Hannah .02,  Paris 1.52 (yes that is MORE than a full second), Yulisa .6 and Kelbe .5. The thing I was happiest about was the fact that all 4 girls were really competing HARD all the way to the finish line!!!

Morgan was a little tight in the 400 but still had a GREAT run and had a season best by a nice chunk.

The 800 was another nice Run for all of the Cougars!!!  I think all the girls had at LEAST a season record and WE HAD 5 THE TOP 6 FINISHERS!!! Josie got her very first HS win in her very last race!! I loved the effort and look of pure determination on her face on the way down the home stretch on her way to a 4 sec PR.  Innana dropped 2.1sec, Hannan dropped 6, Ashlynn 10,  Sarah 3, and 12 on the season and 6 lifetime.

The mile was more of the same – Innana got a strong 3rd with a season best.  Dropping 28 sec for the season – yes 28!!!!! Maria followed up with a 1 sec PR

Marin also was on the podium with a Season best.  Ashlynn pulled the double PR with a 3 sec drop, Hannah did the same with a 15 sec drop. Skylar did the same with a 2 sec drop.  Merete ran almost identical to her PR from last week.

We didn’t have as many people in the field events where Breanna came in with a PR in the Javelin and Izzy matched her PR in the pole vault,

Maddie picked up our only other win in the High jump, her 4-6 jump puts her tied for 6th in the league!!!!

Nice job ladies!!!!  For those of you who are done competing please return your uniforms to me ASAP – and remember hand it to me AND NO ONE ELSE!!! And do NOT just leave it on my desk!!!!

Dates to know:

Friday this week:  Shaner Invite @Tumwater HS

Saturday: Freshman invite at Centralia HS

Monday night – I go to the league meeting to find out for sure who is in the league championships

Thursday (12th) and Saturday (14th) League championships

May 19th – ALL team dinner at Coach Melissa Chase’s house

May 25th – End of season awards banquet.

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