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Gig Harbor at Capital

Gig Harbor at Capital

What an interesting day – We had pretty good athletes on both sides that we out due to traveling to Oregon to compete over the next few days and then we had crazy PNW weather – decent then windy then rain – nice – rain – well you get the idea.

Any way here is how things went today, let’s start with the ladies.

The first round was where the weather first started hitting us.

Maddie J.  tied her PR in the HJ and picked up her first varsity win in the HJ.

Jumping over to the discus event we saw a number of PR’s Sada had a BIG PR of almost 7 full feet.  Followed by Hailey with about a 3’ PR and then Tayler with a PR of just under a foot.  Nice job ladies!!

Where we really excelled today as a team was in the sprints

In the 100 we had a number of PR” s actually quite a few.  Ellie – Yulisa-Jeanette-Kelbe-Ann and Katerina all had PR’s today Ellie and Ann lead the way with PR’s of .3 seconds – a big jump for a 100m runner J

The 100 hurdles were just as impressive.  Ellie and Hannah F both had season bests and Maddie T, Maddie J, and Riley all had PR’s  Maddie J dropped .3 from last year’s best and .5 from this year’s best. Riley matched the feat with a .5 PR while Maddie T dropped .4.  Those are all GREAT PR’s looking forward to where they are going to end up.

The 200 brought PR’s from Yulisa, Maddie M, and Tayler.  Morgan and Kaily both had season bests.  Yulisa blazed her way to a .4 deduction but not to be outdone Maddie M. dropped .6 seconds!!!

The distance races had some great performances as well.  In the 800 Maria, Skylar, and Ingrid had Season best and Nancy set a new PR. For the 16—both Sarah and Maria had great races with nice PR’s Maria had her first ever HS win for track in just a great race in the 1600.

For the boys, today it was also pretty impressive.

Every Capital boy in the 100 had a lifetime or season best!!  Congrats to Noah – Oliver and Ben for season bests and new PR’s for Carson, and Colby.  Carson has dropped almost a full second for his 100 so far this season.

Not too much later Carson came back with his first 400 setting a PR AND getting his first win on the track, and then followed it up with a win in the LJ as well.  All in all, I would say it was a great day for Carson.

In the 800 Jared and Micah got new PR’s both pulling in fine 3 second PRs.

For the 1600 Joe and Cameron set PRs but David had a HUGE day – Dropping 25 seconds on the day, and has now dropped his 1600 by 1:12 on the season alone.  GREAT racing today.

As with the ladies – the 110 hurdles were nice – both Caleb and Eben set new PR’s both dropped about .6 for the season still going!! Eben also secured a new PR in the 300 hurdles.

Speaking of the 300’s Steven dropped his time by 3 full seconds this year!! AND got a win today – his first for his HS career!!  He won by .01

Tyghler continues his great freshman year again getting PR’s in both the shot and the disc.  Throwing a 7” PR in the shot but 18’2” in the discus – Yes you read that right OVER 18 FEET, breaking 100’ for the first time.

Joining him with PR’s in the disc were Taden and Eli who both improved by a few feet.

The Javelin had Ryan, Micah, Brandon and Ronan all getting PR’s.  Ryan and Micah both had 5’ PR’s and Brandon PR’d by 12 feet today

In the long jump, we already talked about Carson’s win and Carter placed today as well and pulling in a nice PR.

Team scores today had the Men pulling in a nice win over the Tides, the girls were not so fortunate as Gig handed us our first loss in the new league.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and helped today and a bigger thanks to the athletes who stayed until the end of the meet.  Which, by the way, is the team expectation.

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Arnie Young

Arnie Young information:

Overall it was a good day.  We had 22 season or personal best, which is really great based on the obstacles we had – end of spring break – cold weather – wind – etc.

For the first time this year we got to run the Distance Medley Relays (DMR) and faired pretty well.  The girls ended up on the podium with a 7th place finish, our first awards of the day!!!! Well done Melissa, Aven, Sarah and Maria J

In the 100 Paris set a new season best and is closing in on her overall PR from last year, I have a feeling that will fall soon.  Jason brought the speed to the 200 and set a new season best and took over the area lead in that event (you can read more about that here: )

Then he turned around and also did it in the 400 (actually the 400 came first but we won’t tell)

Also in the 400 Parker, Regie and Lexi all set at least season bests, pretty good day for us in that event!!

In the 1600 both Morgan A. and Shasta raced to new PR’s and solid races.  The 3200 belonged to Bella as she also had an area best time and just over 1 second off of her PR from the district meet last season.

The girls 4×100 did really well considering we had to make a change literally 25 min before the event started as Kaily tweaked her back in the 100 and could not get loose so we didn’t want risk injury. Thank you Kelsey for being ready to roll on short notice.

Field events provided some nice outcomes for us as well.  First up was Addie in the shot, continues to move up the all-time list and placed 4th on the day.   Izzy had a nice day in the Pole vault with a new PR getting over that 8’ barrier – I expect that she and Kelsey will both soon be over 9’.  Tia really had a fine day as she started with a 1” PR in the shot put but came up HUGE in the discus!  She squeaked into finals with a decent throw but not what she wanted and then came up in her first throw of finals and had a BIG 3” PR throwing over 100’ for the first time and come home with a throw of 102’5” and a ribbon for her efforts

For the guy’s field events: Ethan came in with a nice PR in the Long jump at 19-10.5 and will hit 20 and n the Very near future.  Paden got in a good start in the Javelin with a throw of 124’  Tyghler also had a 4’+ pr in the discus

Next up is a HOME meet with Gig Harbor (we could use some help) this Thursday and then a trip to UO for the Oregon Relays for those that get in (more information to come)

All–time list – (I am still working on getting the guys lists updated so I can give our accurate information. But here are all the girls that have made it onto our record book so far this season

Regie 400:  10th all time junior

1600 Naomi 11th all-timee Junior

3200 Naomi 12th all-time junior

3200 Bella 6th all-time Senior

Triple jump:  Chloe 4th all-time Senior

Shot put:  Addie 11th all-time and 9th Senior

Discus:  Tia 14th all-time and 8th Junior

Javelin:  Sophia – 7th Junior (next on the list is Coach Millers daughter Katie)

Pole Vault: Kelsey 3rd (tie) all-time and 2nd (tied) junior

Pole Vault: Izzy 6th (tie) all-time and 3rd (tie) sophomore

Hope I have not missed anyone!!!!

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