Practice days
We expect athletes at EVERY practice on time. if there is a situation that is going to cause them to be late, they should notify the head coach BEFORE practice, and not after the fact. Sending a message through another athlete is not acceptable. They can stop by my room, text me, or call. Most of the time they can let me know the day before at practice.

If you are well enough to be at school you are well enough to be at practice.  If you are too sick to be at practice you are too sick to be school.  If you are at school you are expected to be at practice.

Unexcused absences (being at school and not at practice) could result in being pulled from competitions or removed from the team.

Meet days:

We want the atheletes at the meets as long as possible to support their teammates while they are competing and to help with anything that might come up. i.e. fill in an event, help clean up, put equipment away, etc.

Athletes can only leave a meet with their own parent, AND that parent must sign the list with coach Wright at the meet stating they are taking their athlete at the meet, we can NOT take the notes early. This is a school board decision.

Athletes are expected to ride the bus to the meets with the team unless otherwise arranged and communicated with the coach.